Animal Testing Report Card

The brands below are grouped in one of the following categories: Brands That DO NOT Test on Animals, Brands That DO Test on Animals, and *Brands Whose Animal Testing Status is Unknown. We use the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) website ( as well as our team of independent researchers to determine the animal-testing status of any brand.

Before emailing us about questions regarding brands on the below list, please see the "important notes" for more info on how The Beautypedia Team determines whether a brand is categorized as one that "does" or "does not" test on animals.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: If the company's site claims they do not test on animals but the brand is sold in mainland China from a physical location (i.e. a cosmetics counter or store), we consider said brand one that tests on animals. The Chinese government requires animal testing on all imported cosmetics sold from a physical storefront within mainland China. So, a brand that retails there (in an actual store) must agree to this testing even though they may not test on animals themselves or endorse this practice in any other country.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: If a brand is available only online, with no physical storefronts or warehousing in mainland China, they are exempt from the Chinese government's animal testing requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: If an individual brand doesn't test on animals, but their parent company does test on animals, we do not penalize the individual brand. We judge each company individually regardless of the status of their parent company and leave the final choice up to you in terms of where you prefer to draw the line.

Note: As China's regulations over animal testing have evolved, we have updated our information accordingly.

brands that do not test on animals

*A brand whose animal testing status is "Unknown" may mean that only their finished products are not tested on animals, or that they do not have formal agreements in place with their suppliers against animal testing.