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Best Bronzers

In order for a bronzing product to make the Best Products list, it must:

  • Have a superior texture that ensures even application
  • Not streak or look blotchy
  • Offer at least one convincing tan color
  • Have minimal to no shine (a real tan isn't shiny)
  • Look natural and be compatible with blush for a dimensional look

The bronzers on this list are those we found to be the top-performing options, whether you prefer powder (the predominant form), liquid, cream-to-powder, or a bronzing gel.

Each bronzing product not only is easy to apply and blend, but also produces a convincing, real-tan color and is suitable for a range of skin tones.

Those looking for a bronzing powder or liquid with noticeable shine should refer to the list of Best Face & Body Illuminating/Shimmer Products. The bronzing powders on this list have a matte or semi-matte finish, which is far more natural (at least for daytime) than trying to create a fake tan that glistens. A small amount of sheen is fine, but it should produce a soft glow, not obvious sparkles.

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