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Best Concealers & Correctors

Most makeup artists will tell you that a great concealer is essential, and they're right! Concealers are a makeup staple and in order to make the Best Products list they must:

  • Have a smooth texture that's easy to blend
  • Set to a long-wearing finish
  • Not (or minimally) crease into lines around the eyes
  • Come in a range of neutral colors for a range of skin tones
  • Provide good coverage and not fade after several hours

Although there are lots of good concealers available in all price ranges, the options on this list represent the elite, whether you prefer a liquid formula (generally best for normal to oily skin or for use on blemishes) or cream formula (generally best for normal to dry skin not prone to blemishes or for undereye use).

Highlighters are essentially interchangeable with concealers, though they tend to provide less coverage and some offer a shimmer or soft glow finish.

Each concealer on this list has a beautiful texture, provides moderate to significant coverage without looking thick or cakey, and has an impressive wear time with minimal to no risk of creasing into lines around the eye.

We have no doubt you will be pleased with almost any concealer on this list, but please refer to each individual review for details before making your final decision.

Note: We do not recommend color-correcting concealers because they rarely (if ever) look convincing in natural light, and they often substitute one visible discoloration for another.

Concealers with sunscreen on this list include UVA-protecting ingredients and are an excellent way to apply extra sun protection around your eyes.

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