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Best Eyebrow Fillers & Shapers

There are various products available to define the brows, but not all are created equal. In order to make our Best Products list, an eyebrow shaper should:

  • Beautifully define and enhance brows
  • Apply easily without skipping or tugging
  • Set to a long-wearing finish that resists smearing and flaking
  • Offer shades that work for most brow colors
  • Shape brows softly, not rigidly

When it comes to brow pencils, those rated as standard tend to have more similarities than differences. We did not rate any pencil that needed routine sharpening a Best because there are enough excellent automatic (no sharpening required) pencils available. If you don't mind the routine sharpening, these type of pencils are fine to consider, though for the most part they did not receive better than an average rating.

The brow pencils on this list have quick, smooth applications and a long-wearing finish. Their drier texture and powder-like finish are much better for brows than wax-laden, greasy brow pencils.

If you can learn how to use the eyebrow "mascaras," or gels they are a great alternative (or adjunct) to pencils. Natural-colored brow gels are highly recommended to make eyebrows look fuller but not artificial. There are also a few companies that make a clear brow gel. The brow gels rated highly are those that keep brows groomed while not feeling sticky or making brow hairs feel stiff or look obviously coated.

Liquid brow pens are another eyebrow defining option, known for their ease of use and precision brush that makes it easy to apply between brow hairs. The brow pens on this list are smudge-proof and fade-resistant with a non-sticky finish won’t make brows feel stiff or coated.

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