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Best Eyeshadow Primers

Eyeshadow primers aren't essential, but many women are curious about them, especially if they really help eye makeup last longer. In order to make the Best Products list, an eyeshadow primer must:

  • Apply smoothly and be easy to dispense
  • Enhance rather than detract from eyeshadow application
  • Help prevent eyeshadow creasing and fading

Keep in mind that eyeshadow primers are a category created by the cosmetics industry to sell women yet another product for their eye makeup routines. For the most part, they are a superfluous add-on if you're already prepping your eyelid and underbrow area with a matte finish foundation and/or concealer. Still, lots of women wonder about eyeshadow primers and there are some excellent ones available.

Can you get equally good results from your foundation or concealer? As mentioned, if either has a smooth matte finish, yes. But for those who've tried this trick and haven't been pleased with the results, eyeshadow primers are another option to consider.

These primers are best applied to bare eyelids and allowed to set prior to eyeshadow application. You can apply powder, liquid, cream-to-powder, or cream eyeshadows over eyeshadow primers; however, most primers give the best results with powder eyeshadows.

Note: Please refer to the list of Best Concealers for additional options.

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