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Best Lip Glosses

Whether labeled lip gloss, lip shine, or something similar, in order for a lip gloss product to earn our highest rating, it must contain most, if not all, of these key features:

  • Offer a smooth, even application
  • Have a comfortable texture
  • Not slip off lips or fade away within a few minutes
  • Not contain needless irritants such as peppermint, menthol, or cinnamon
  • Come in an attractive range of colors

Next to mascara, lip gloss is possibly the most popular makeup product among women. The sheer number of gloss products on the market alone is a testament to its cult-like status! Glosses are heavily advertised and often marketed as a quick way to add sex appeal and youth to a makeup look.

The lip glosses on this list feature sheer and opaque options. Sheer glosses be worn alone or over lipstick for added shine; opaque glosses can often be worn as a solo product or over lipstick to add depth or color impact.

Each option has a smooth texture that feels comfortable on lips during its entire wear time and does not have a watery or syrupy finish. While you certainly don’t have to spend much to get a great lip gloss, you will find options in every price range on this list. Where applicable, we have noted which lip glosses offer finishes such as metallic, shimmer, or sparkling.

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