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Best Lip Paints/Stains

Closely related to lip glosses, lip paints and stains are more opaque and generally longer-lasting than their glossy cousins. In order to earn our highest rating, lip paints and stains must contain most, if not all, of these key features:

  • Offer a smooth, even application
  • Have a comfortable texture
  • Not slip off lips or fade away within a few minutes (especially as they are supposed to be longer-lasting)
  • Not contain needless irritants such as peppermint, menthol, or cinnamon
  • Come in an attractive range of colors

Lip paints and stains are very similar to lip glosses in that they generally come in tubes with wand-like applicators and are liquid in nature. In fact, some are billed as “liquid lipsticks,” and that is exactly how they should perform. Color coverage is usually much more opaque than gloss, and wear time is generally longer.

The options on this list have smooth, comfortable textures that are not too sticky or too thin. As many of them are also longer-wearing products, they must not have a drying effect on the lips (many long-wearing products do), and they must not fade away after only a few minutes of wear. Where possible, we have noted which ones have different finishes (metallic, glitter, etc.).

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