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Best Lip Pencils

Using a lip pencil is a matter of personal preference. It can help shape and shade the mouth for stronger emphasis, particularly with bold colors. In order to make the Best Products list, a lip pencil must:

  • Not require routine sharpening
  • Have a firm but smooth texture
  • Apply easily and set to a long-wearing finish
  • Not fade easily or bleed into lines around the mouth

Automatic lip pencils (those that do not need-sharpening) are the only ones that earned a Best rating. If you don't mind routinely sharpening pencils, there are some good ones to consider outside of the short list presented here.

Otherwise, the pencils below come in a superb range of shades, glide on easily, and can help your lipstick (or, in some instances, lip gloss) wear longer.

For best results, apply lip pencil prior to your lipstick, following the natural outline of your mouth. Once lipstick is applied, you can use the pencil to further define the lip line, particularly the "cupid's bow" at the center of your upper lip.

Whatever you do, please avoid trying to enlarge your mouth with lip pencil. Up close and in person, this rarely looks just looks like you missed your mouth! Also avoid using a lip liner that is markedly darker than your lipstick or gloss. This never looked good when it was popular (and who knows why it was ever in fashion) and merely make the mouth look odd.

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