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Best Makeup Planners/Organizers

If you use several makeup items plus brushes, it's helpful to have a smart, convenient way to organize them, right? The options on the Best Products list provide that and much more:

  • Each is beautifully constructed and practical
  • They work well to organize brushes and/or makeup
  • They're portable to make travel less stressful
  • Most work with products from any cosmetic brand

There are lots of options for organizing, storing, and transporting all or part of your makeup items. The options on this list are highly recommended due to their superior construction, durability, ease of use, and, in some instances, sheer cleverness that leads to enhanced practicality.

Note that  some of the products on this list are specifically designed to work with makeup products sold by that brand. In that sense, the cosmetic organizer in question isn't worth considering if you're not also willing to use several of the makeup items the brand also sells.

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