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Best Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup continues to be a hot trend. Although this category of makeup is not superior to others or better for sensitive skin, we included a "best" category for it due to its scope. In order for a mineral makeup product to make the Best Products list, it must:

  • Feature a smooth, lightweight texture
  • Blend easily without streaking or caking
  • Not make skin look unnaturally dry or powdered
  • Contain minimal to no fragrance
  • Be packaged to minimize mess (for loose powders)

Clearly, many women enjoy this type of makeup, though it definitely has its limitations and isn’t nearly as awe-inspiring as companies selling it want you to believe. A detailed summary of mineral makeup can be found on in our Learn/Makeup Tips & Tricks section. We encourage you to check this out so you're fully informed on the pros and cons of mineral makeup.

Although The Paula's Choice Research Team aren't big fans of mineral makeup, the products below are truly impressive and a great place to start if this type of makeup appeals to you.

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