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Best Tinted Moisturizers/BB Creams/CC Creams

Ideally, tinted moisturizers and BB Creams are all about convenience: moisture, color, and, in most cases, reliable sun protection from one product. What's not to like about that? CC Creams are closer to liquid foundations, in that they tend to offer more coverage than a BB cream, and may or may not contain beneficial ingredients. In order to earn a spot on the Best Products list, a tinted moisturizer, BB Cream, or CC Cream must:

  • Have a lightweight, silky, hydrating texture
  • Blend easily and provide sheer to medium coverage that enhances skin
  • Contain beneficial extras for skin such as antioxidants
  • Contain minimal to no fragrance
  • If sunscreen is present, it must provide reliable broad-spectrum protection

If you're considering a BB Cream, CC Cream, or tinted moisturizer with sunscreen that's not on this list, make sure you check that it contains one or more of these active ingredients for critical UVA protection: avobenzone, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, Mexoryl SX (ecamsule), or Tinosorb. Without one or more of these listed as "active", the tinted moisturizer isn't providing the antiaging protection it should be. Some of the popular tinted moisturizers listed in fashion magazine "best of beauty" lists leave your skin vulnerable the sun's most aging rays!

Generally, BB Creams, CC Creams, and tinted moisturizers (with or without sunscreen) are best for normal to dry skin. Since most have somewhat of a moist finish, those with combination or oily skin are likely to find them too slick or shiny. There are some great tinted moisturizers and BB and CC Creams with a soft matte finish on this list, and those are what someone with oily or breakout-prone skin should consider.

Note: Because tinted moisturizers and BB Creams typically provide minimal coverage, you will likely still need a good concealer for minor redness, dark circles, or other areas of discoloration. CC Creams typically provide foundation-like coverage, though you may still want a concealer for trouble spots.

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