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Best Mascaras (waterproof)

Mascara is a makeup must that many people – even those who don’t regularly use full face makeup – feel they need to wear to enhance their look. For a mascara to earn our highest rating, it must contain most, if not all, of these key features:

  • Quickly enhance lashes, whether from lengthening, thickening, separating, or any combination of these and other features
  • Not smudge, smear, or flake throughout the day
  • Be easy to remove with a regular cleanser and/or makeup remover
  • Not contain needless irritants
  • The formula must hold up when lashes get wet (no running or fading)

We have to hand it to the cosmetics chemists out there – the number of superior mascara formulas on the market is bigger than ever, and expanding almost monthly! There are also more brush choices than ever before, from thin combs with serrated edges to tightly-packed brushes full of nylon or rubber bristles, each providing different effects.

The best mascaras are a perfect marriage of brush and formula, with packaging components (such as the wiper) coming in a close second. Though the range of looks people want from their mascara varies widely (from dramatic almost false lashes to natural everyday looks), there are options of every variety on this list. We should also note that there are options in every price range as well!

For waterproof mascaras, the formulas should also perform when lashes get wet, meaning they don’t run or fade. They must also be easily removed with a water-soluable makeup remover, as having to tug and pull on lashes at the end of the day to remove makeup does not contribute to fuller lashes!

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