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Best Sensitive Skin Products

The following list of products is recommended for those with truly sensitive or rosacea-afflicted skin based on one primary criteria: they do not contain ingredients known to be irritating or especially problematic for sensitive skin or rosacea. In addition:

  • Every product on this list is fragrance-free
  • Each contains ingredients known to reduce inflammation and irritation that cause sensitive skin
  • The products contain proven barrier-repair ingredients to strengthen sensitive skin

The goal of this list is to make it easier for persons with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin to find products that may work for them without making matters worse.

None of the products we recommend for sensitive skin contain fragrance or any kind, including essential oils and none of them feature inordinately long ingredient lists (which increases the odds that your skin will suffer a negative reaction).

Please be aware that even with careful consideration and adherence to usage guidelines we cannot guarantee these products will not cause problems for your sensitive or rosacea-prone skin. No product or product line can make this guarantee (at least not honestly) because of the many variables that can conspire to cause your skin to have a sensitized reaction.

Rosacea, in particular, is a disorder that may cause a person’s skin to flare with minimal provocation, or from even the most benign cosmetic ingredients, climate changes, hormonal fluctuation, and stress.

Please know that managing rosacea requires the care and supervision of a physician along with careful use of skin-care products and avoidance of external triggers that worsen this condition. If you experience a lingering reaction to any skin-care product, including those from the list below, discontinue use and consult your physician for advice.

Note: Although all of the products below received a Best rating, there are other products on this site that received a lesser rating that are still suitable for sensitive skin. This was typically due to packaging concerns, but that doesn’t change the fact that the formula itself is suitable for sensitive or rosacea-prone skin.

Second note: Beyond foundations, there are no other listings for best makeup products for those with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin. That’s because, generally speaking, makeup tends to contain far fewer potential irritants and typically omits fragrance. Another reason is that some persons with sensitive skin react to various pigments in makeup. In those cases, careful avoidance is mandatory. Otherwise, please refer to the main Best Products list for a selection of the top-rated concealers, powders, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, and so on.

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