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Best Facial Masks

Facial masks can be a pampering, relaxing interval for women, but for good skin care, what you do daily is vastly more important than what you do once a week or once a month. For those who enjoy using facial masks, those that made the Best Products list contain:

  • Ingredients that absorb excess oil (for oily skin)
  • Ingredients that provide hydration and repair (for dry skin)
  • Ingredients that supply multiple benefits to make the investment worth it

The Paula's Choice Research Team doesn't get too excited about facial masks. First, as you will see from the limited options on this list, there are not many exciting, interesting, or particularly helpful facial masks.

Many facial masks for normal to oily skin contain clay as their main ingredient, along with some thickening agents. Although that can be a benefit because it absorbs oil, the improvement is short-lived, not long-term. Other masks contain clay as well, but also include water-binding agents and plant oils, and that can make them better for normal to combination or slightly dry skin.

Masks for normal to dry skin are often just moisturizers and nothing more, and don't necessarily warrant the extra time it takes to apply them. They aren't bad for skin, they just aren't a necessary step. If you opt to use such masks, try leaving them on overnight for maximum results.

There are also masks that contain a plasticizing agent that you subsequently pull or peel off your skin. These do impart a temporary soft feeling to the skin because what you're doing is pulling off a layer of skin, but that is hardly beneficial or lasting (and we do not rate this type of mask favorably because they are irritating).

The Paula's Picks in this category are the masks that either have a unique, beneficial twist (such as a clay mask that absorbs excess oil and imparts soothing agents without stripping skin) or, as is the case for every facial mask for normal to dry or very dry skin, feature outstanding formulas that supply skin with helpful ingredients.

Any of the moisturizing masks for normal to very dry skin will work even better if left on overnight, and there are no ingredients in the masks listed below that are harmful or irritating if left on skin longer than the directions indicate.

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