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Best Hand Creams/Lotions

When dry, chapped hands are the issue, you need an emollient product with replenishing ingredients. In order for a hand cream to make the Best Products list, it must:

  • Contain an impressive mix of the critical ingredients all skin types need to look their best, such as antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients
  • Include cell-communicating ingredients such as retinol or niacinamide
  • Have an emollient texture that isn't too greasy or slippery
  • Contain minimal to no fragrance and no irritants

The hand creams without sunscreen on this list are recommended for nighttime use only; for daytime, your hands need sun protection, either from a moisturizing sunscreen or from a hand cream with sunscreen. Of course, any moisturizing sunscreen you'd normally apply to your face or body can also be applied to your hands. A separate hand cream with sunscreen is fine if you enjoy the texture compared to a "regular" sunscreen, and there are some excellent, non-greasy options on this list.

Extras that are always welcome include anti-irritants and emollients that research has shown help repair skin's barrier function while preventing moisture loss.

Hand creams should be applied liberally and often, especially after washing your hands or doing anything that may cause dryness, such as exposure to cold weather or household chores (wearing gloves to protect your hands is always a good idea). You will be surprised how much the skin on your hands will improve with daily use of an SPF-rated product, whether labeled "hand cream" or not. Sun protection is essential to prevent brown "age" spots on hands and to help those you may already be seeing fade quickly and evenly.

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