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Best Oil-Absorbing Products

Oil-absorbing products aren't the most exciting category, but they can be an extremely helpful way to keep excess shine in check. Those that earned a spot on the Best Products list featured:

  • Either an innovative absorbent ingredient or formula proven to mattify skin
  • The ability to blot excess shine without removing a lot of makeup
  • Non-powdery formulas (these tend to make skin look uneven)
  • Minimal to no fragrance

In terms of oil-blotting papers, this category was a difficult one to pick the top options due to the basic and similar nature of these products.

The ones that made the cut did so because they had a nifty convenience feature, were noticeably more absorbent than the competition, or proved to be a very cost-effective option. Keep in mind that the many oil-absorbing papers reviewed on this site are options as well, though those with added oil, powders, or clays tend to be more troublesome than oil-absorbing papers without these ingredients.

Beyond oil-blotting papers, you'll find some innovative leave-on products that work to keep exess shine in check for hours. These may be used under or over makeup.

For best results, always touch up with a pressed powder after blotting. This provides a unified matte finish and makes skin look smooth and refined.

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