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Best Specialty Products

Following is a list of miscellaneous skin-care and makeup products that are considered "specialty" because:

  • They have an interesting effect worth checking out
  • They're available by prescription only for a specific skin concern
  • They're really helpful or intriguing products that don't fit in with the other "best" categories (example: wrinkle fillers)

Note that we also include wrinkle fillers on this list, because a few of those products are impressive to the extent that cosmetic ingredients allow. None of the wrinkle fillers recommended last all day or are going to make a women in her 50s look like she's in her 20s, but they can help and the best ones treat skin to a range of beneficial ingredients.

Please consult your physician if you're considering any of the prescription options on this list. Only a qualified medical professoinal should prescribe tretinoin products or pefrorm Botox injections or other types of dermal fillers.

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