Intense i-Color Eyeliner
Last Updated:04.02.2013
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This retractable eyeliner pencil has a shimmering finish and comes in a variety of contrasting shades—brown for blue eyes, purple for brown eyes, and so on—intended to make your eye color pop.

While the cream-to-powder texture blends on smoothly, with the exception of Black, they don't go on with as much intensity as you may be looking for. Moreover, you may experience some fading and smudging as the day wears on.

On the plus side, Almay included a sharpener on the opposite end so you can hone the point as finely as you'd like, and this eyeliner doesn't flake, but that's not enough to make it worth choosing over those on our list of Best Eyeliners.

  • Blends on smoothly.
  • Flake-free.
  • Built-in sharpener allows you to make the point as fine as you'd like.
  • Tends to smudge and fade.
  • Shades lack intensity (except for Black).
Brand Overview

Almay At-A-Glance

Strengths: An excellent assortment of mascaras; several exceptional foundation options to choose from; a phenomenal liquid eyeliner; a selection of good makeup removers.

Weaknesses: Some of the Intense i-color products do the exact opposite of enhancing eye color; mediocre blushes; “Smart Shade” products don’t automatically adapt to skin’s color as claimed.

Long a standby for those with sensitive skin seeking hypoallergenic products (though that term is unregulated and can be applied to any product, regardless of ingredients), Almay continues to refine its comprehensive makeup line. In early 2006 the company repackaged its old favorites, and also relaunched several new makeup items. Everything now has a sleek new look and color-coded packaging. We admit, the makeover is effective, not just product-wise but visually too.

Shopping this drugstore line is now much easier because of the clearly defined product and color family groupings. Lamentably, testers and trial sizes of the makeup are still scarce regardless of where you shop. Almay has always been a reliable line for foundations, powder, and mascara. Within its current lineup you'll find that remains true. Their foundations are better than ever, and still offer full, broad-spectrum sun protection and a mostly neutral palette. We also found their concealers and mascaras have improved, as have the pencil options. When it comes to shopping for makeup staples with state-of-the-art formulas, Almay has many winners, and some innovative surprises that its competitors would be wise to learn from.

For more information about Almay, owned by Revlon, call (800) 992-5629 or visit www.almay.com.

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Good Value

I have this in brown topaz for blue eyes and have been very happy with it. It goes on smooth and I don't notice any shimmer and I have to say the color lasts most of the day. I would buy it again.

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