Anti-Aging Face Primer
1 fl. oz. for $34
Last Updated:11.23.2012
Jar Packaging:No
Tested on animals:Yes
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Anti-Aging Face Primer is a clear silicone-based gel with a smooth, silky texture. The anti-aging claim is a stretch because this contains just a dusting of an antioxidant plant extract and vitamin E. However, like most silicone-rich primers, this helps mask signs of aging by filling in superficial lines and wrinkles for a smoother looking complexion. The effect is temporary, but it helps.

This fragrance-free primer is best suited for normal to dry skin, and it wears especially well with liquid or cream-to-powder makeup. Those concerned with treating signs of aging should consider using one of the serums we recommend on our list of Best Sensitive Serums, as many of these do double-duty as a primer and treat your skin to a range of beneficial ingredients.

  • Very silky texture glides over skin and leaves a smooth finish.
  • Helps temporarily fill in superficial lines for a younger look.
  • Works beautifully under liquid or cream-to-powder foundations.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • The formula doesn't contain an impressive mix or amount of anti-aging ingredients like the serums on our Best Sensitive Serums list do.
Brand Overview

AmazingCosmetics At-A-Glance

Strengths: AmazingConcealer; VelvetMineral Liquid Foundation with AmazingConcealer Technology SPF 15; Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation.

Weaknesses: The majority of the line is overpriced; unimpressive lip color options; the mascara performs poorly; most of the colors have consistently warm undertones, which limits their appeal.

AmazingCosmetics was founded in 1999 as a small online company that sold only one product—an expensive concealer. Co-founders Lisa Thurman and Sue Katz believe a great concealer is the ultimate must-have for a woman’s makeup routine, and the fashion magazines often tout it as being as amazing as the market claims make it sound.

If you're hoping that the media buzz justifies the hefty price tag of this concealer, you'll likely be disappointed. The truth is that, although AmazingConcealer is a good product, it isn't one of the best concealers we’ve ever used, and it certainly isn't suitable for use on all skin types or on every imperfection. (We explain why in the AmazingConcealer review.)

Since the launch of AmazingCosmetics and the success of AmazingConcealer, the line has expanded its makeup line with products for the eyes, lips, and face, including the now-popular Velvet Mineral Liquid Foundation with their "AmazingConcealer Technology." Once sold only online, AmazingCosmetics is now available in Sephora and Ulta stores across the U.S.A.

In our research, we found AmazingCosmetics's chief weakness to be its price point, despite some very good products. Most of their product formulas, while good, are available in other products from less expensive brands, which often have better options, so there’s little reason to splurge here. Still, there are several products that are worth sampling for their unique qualities, including the inaugural AmazingConcealer and the offshoot of this perennial favorite, the Velvet Mineral Liquid Foundation SPF 15. Beyond those two, you can safely gloss over the rest of this brand’s offerings, unless you don’t mind paying extra for equally good products you can find elsewhere for less.

For more information about AmazingCosmetics, call (847) 680-5247 or visit www.amazingcosmetics.com.

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Synthetic smell

Didn't purchase but tried out at 2 separate Ulta locations with same result: great texture but plastic smell that was immediate & lingered even after washing off.

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