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Last Updated:07.01.2015
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Tinted Brow Gel conveniently sets brow hairs into place while adding a hint of color. There are seven tints, ranging from golden taupe to dark brown, including Granite for those with gray/silver hair. The Blonde, Caramel, and Brunette shades contain shimmer, although the effect is so subtle it neither adds to nor detracts from the result. The lightweight gel texture brushes on smoothly and leaves brows with a minimally stiff finish—just enough to hold shape.

Brand Overview

Anastasia Beverly Hills At-a-Glance

Strengths: Specialized brow products; top-notch brow powders with an impressive shade range; great brow pen and tinted brow gel; one excellent powder blush; good brushes and products for taming unruly brows; a couple good starter kits for those new to brow grooming.

Weaknesses: Expensive; horrible brow pencil; some of the kits mix really bad products with good ones; mediocre skin care; subpar mascara; the lip gloss is merely OK; products that don’t live up to their claims (though that’s hardly unique to this line).

The Anastasia Beverly Hills product line was developed by "definitive eyebrow expert" Anastasia Soare, a woman who owns a chic Beverly Hills salon. Her namesake product line is built around specialty brow products and shaping tools based on her criteria. Although she has expanded the line to include skin-care and other makeup items, the brow products remain the heart of the line; the skin care seems to be little more than an afterthought.

What sets the Anastasia line apart is the wide selection of brow-grooming products and their impressive shade range for natural-looking brows. Overall, the line is a mixture of both good and bad products, at a relatively high price point. We were expecting to find great brow pencils from a line devoted to perfecting the eyebrow, but Anastasia failed miserably with their extremely hard-textured Perfect Brow Pencil.

Their skin-care products also rank low in terms of efficacy and high in terms of misleading claims, and the mascara misses the mark completely. There are a few so-so makeup products you can ignore, and some of the brow kits have a frustrating mix of good products and awful products.

On the flip side, what's great about Anastasia Beverly Hills are their fabulous brow powders, good brushes, brow-taming products, and some helpful products such as Brow Fix, Brow Pen, and Tinted Brow Gel. They also have a beautiful Blush Quad and a couple of good highlighter pencils. Many of the products cater to those who are new to brow shaping (including a brow stencil set), and, depending on your local department store, you may even be able to schedule an appointment with an Anastasia brow specialist who can show you the way, following the namesake company founder's famous Golden Ratio. For more information about Anastasia Beverly Hills, call (800) 310-3773 or visit www.anastasia.net.

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Update for Redheads

Unless I am mistaken, they now have an Auburn color that is great even for Brunettes with red highlights! I use it so I know is there.

Reviewed by
Hilda V
Beautypedia Team Response

Thanks for the heads up!  I just edited that part of the review out and updated the number of shades available.  :)

Great gel. Quick and easy.

The "blonde" color was a great match for me (I’m strawberry blonde). The gel provides a quick way for me to clean up my brows and keep them in place throughout the day. I’ve recently started playing around with the pomade (11 colors) & while I also enjoy working with the pomade, the gel is a much quicker application, so it’s what I end up using most of the time. There are now 7 colors, one of which is auburn, so red heads can also give this a try. This is a must have for my everyday kit.

Reviewed by
Shanna G.
Anastasia Brow Gel

This has been the best brow tint I have used. I drag the brush along the rim of the tube to avoid clumping, and if I have the time, I tint hairs individually and only where it's needed. This of course looks best, but it also looks very good when I'm running late, and I cover my entire brow in one fell swoop. Holds my brows' shape all day and is easy to take off at day's end. I always say, if you have your brows and your lips on, you're ready to take on the day.

Reviewed by
This is a nice tinted gel

I am fair complected with light black brows & I used the Granite shade which worked surprisingly well. I tend to prefer the hold of a gel to a wax which as of yet hasn't held for me. I purchased this to correct a mistake & it doesn’t look like I painted my brows on. I did want some additional coverage as I over plucked my arch. This product delivered the natural look of me only better & it didn't flake or travel. It has little to no scent.

Reviewed by
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