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Anastasia Beverly Hills At-a-Glance

Strengths: Specialized brow products; top-notch brow powders with an impressive shade range; great brow pen and tinted brow gel; one excellent powder blush; good brushes and products for taming unruly brows; a couple good starter kits for those new to brow grooming.

Weaknesses: Expensive; horrible brow pencil; some of the kits mix really bad products with good ones; mediocre skin care; subpar mascara; the lip gloss is merely OK; products that don’t live up to their claims (though that’s hardly unique to this line).

The Anastasia Beverly Hills product line was developed by "definitive eyebrow expert" Anastasia Soare, a woman who owns a chic Beverly Hills salon. Her namesake product line is built around specialty brow products and shaping tools based on her criteria. Although she has expanded the line to include skin-care and other makeup items, the brow products remain the heart of the line; the skin care seems to be little more than an afterthought.

What sets the Anastasia line apart is the wide selection of brow-grooming products and their impressive shade range for natural-looking brows. Overall, the line is a mixture of both good and bad products, at a relatively high price point. We were expecting to find great brow pencils from a line devoted to perfecting the eyebrow, but Anastasia failed miserably with their extremely hard-textured Perfect Brow Pencil.

Their skin-care products also rank low in terms of efficacy and high in terms of misleading claims, and the mascara misses the mark completely. There are a few so-so makeup products you can ignore, and some of the brow kits have a frustrating mix of good products and awful products.

On the flip side, what's great about Anastasia Beverly Hills are their fabulous brow powders, good brushes, brow-taming products, and some helpful products such as Brow Fix, Brow Pen, and Tinted Brow Gel. They also have a beautiful Blush Quad and a couple of good highlighter pencils. Many of the products cater to those who are new to brow shaping (including a brow stencil set), and, depending on your local department store, you may even be able to schedule an appointment with an Anastasia brow specialist who can show you the way, following the namesake company founder's famous Golden Ratio. For more information about Anastasia Beverly Hills, call (800) 310-3773 or visit

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+ Rating Product Brand Category Price Size
Average Highlighting Creme Duo Anastasia of Beverly Hills Cream/Cream-to-Powder Blush or Bronzer  $26.00
Average Hydrafull Gloss Anastasia of Beverly Hills Lip Gloss  $18.00
Poor Hydrating Oil Anastasia of Beverly Hills Moisturizers/Anti-Aging  $40.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Good Hypercolor Brow & Lash Tint Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Gels/Tints  $18.00
Poor Illumin8 with Youthful Synergy™ Complex Eye Shadow Palette Anastasia of Beverly Hills Powder Eyeshadow  $30.00
Poor Lash Lifting Mascara (Discontinued) Anastasia of Beverly Hills Regular Mascara  $22.00
Poor Line Erasing Cremeadvance (Discontinued) Anastasia of Beverly Hills Moisturizers Without Sunscreen  $65.00 1.58 fl. oz.
Average Line Erasing Serum with Instalift Goji Anastasia of Beverly Hills Serums  $45.00 0.51 fl. oz.
Good Matte Highlighter Anastasia of Beverly Hills Highlighter  $21.00
Good Mini Brow Kit (Discontinued) Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eyebrow  $25.00
Best Mini Duo Brush Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brushes/Applicators/Curlers  $18.00
Poor Perfect Brow Pencil Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Pencil  $23.00
Poor Perfect Brows, Great Lashes (Discontinued) Anastasia of Beverly Hills Specialty Makeup Products  $35.00
Good Precision Tweezers Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brushes/Applicators/Curlers  $28.00
Average Sheer Moisture Creme SPF 30 Anastasia of Beverly Hills Moisturizer with Sunscreen  $40.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Good Shimmer Highlighter Anastasia of Beverly Hills Face Shine  $21.00
Average Stencils Anastasia of Beverly Hills Specialty Makeup Products  $20.00
Best Tinted Brow Gel Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Gels/Tints  $22.00
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