SPF 20 Correcting Concealer
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SPF 20 Correcting Concealer provides excellent coverage for imperfections, as well as mineral-based broad-spectrum protection from the sun's harmful rays. Titanium dioxide is the sole active ingredient, making this fragrance-free concealer gentle enough for use around the eyes. The creamy texture blends easily, and is buildable.

If you're concerned about dark circles or discolorations, this medium- to full-coverage concealer can hide them in a flash; however, it won't actually treat dark circles or discolorations as claimed because this is just makeup, not skin care. The lemon peel extract isn't a known skin lightener and even if it was, the way this concealer is packaged would routinely expose it to degrading light and air.

With its larger-than-usual selection of shades, there are options for light to dark skin—although, the darker shades are very warm and tend to have reddish undertones. Also worth mentioning is that the darker shades can look a bit ashen due to the high amount of titanium dioxide.

  • Titanium dioxide provides gentle, non-irritating, broad-spectrum sun protection.
  • Fragrance-free meaning it's great for use around the eyes.
  • Larger-than-usual shade selections.
  • Buildable, medium to full coverage; great for dark circles.
  • Does not diminish "the appearance of dark spots and discolorations over time." This is just a concealer, nothing more.
  • Pricey.
Brand Overview

Bare Escentuals At-a-Glance

Strengths: Good makeup removers; a few well-formulated powders with SPF; some nice eyeshadows and impressive mascaras; great “100% natural” lipliner; several elegant brush options; not too expensive.

Weaknesses:The mineral makeup has its share of pros and cons and isn't for everyone; several of the loose powder products with shine have a grainy feel and cling poorly; some of the skin care contains problematic ingredients.

Makeup is what this San Francisco-based cosmetics line is primarily about, and they use the pure and natural marketing angle to entice consumers. The self-proclaimed "healthiest, purest makeup in the world" was founded in 1976 by Diane Ranger, who left the company in the early '90s, and is now run by Leslie Blodgett, who appears regularly on QVC and the company's own infomercials to support and demonstrate her products. Blodgett is largely credited with turning the line she began into a $150 million business—no small feat. The products are sold in most Sephora boutiques and Ulta stores, though the full selection of skin-care products is most often found at the Bare Escentuals freestanding stores scattered throughout the United States.

Supporting the company's portrayal as a leader in purity are the corresponding claims that the bareMinerals makeup does not contain fragrance, oil, binders, preservatives, emulsifiers, or any other harmful chemicals. Although this line does have its advantages for someone with sensitive skin, as it turns out, bismuth oxychloride, a major ingredient in the powder formulations, can cause skin irritation, while the other minerals can be drying (Source: www.sciencelab.com/xMSDS-Bismuth_oxychloride-9923103). Regarding bismuth oxychloride, it is interesting to note that bismuth (a metallic element) seldom occurs in nature. Instead, it is a by-product of copper and lead refining, or is manufactured synthetically. Chemically, it's similar to arsenic, a fact you won't see in any advertising for bareMinerals. However, just as cosmetic-grade mineral oil is not identical to the petroleum from which it originated, neither is bismuth oxychloride identical to bismuth. The bismuth oxychloride used in cosmetics is non-toxic, but this background offers a good example of how skewed a company's definition of "natural" can be.

Aside from the health and purity claims, loose powders are as messy as it gets in terms of your vanity (countertop, not ego) and your makeup bag. The powder just gets all over the place, and the very basic packaging does not do much to minimize the mess. Additionally, while there are softer neutral shades, and some fairly exotic shades as well, most are mildly to extremely shiny and make any amount of crepey skin look more so. The face powder does provide some amount of opaque coverage, but the shine and the thickness can be a bit much. The loose powder eyeshadows and blushes apply in a somewhat lighter way, though they still provide significant coverage. Many women ask me about mineral makeup and whether or not it really is better for skin. The answer to that question is "No."

Although most mineral makeup is innocuous, the texture, appearance, and application have difficulties that make it not comparable to today's best liquid or pressed-powder foundations. We agree with bareMinerals' stance that foundation shouldn't look or feel like a mask, nor should there be a line of demarcation where the application stops. However, their foundations are not the only ones able to achieve this, and there is no inherent benefit to this type of foundation over numerous other options.

There isn't much to say about the skin-care products, but what's worth paying attention to is noted in the At-a-Glance section.

For more information about Bare Escentuals, call 1.888.795.4747 or visit www.bareescentuals.com.

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not good value

It's a tiny pot (2g) and although it does what it claims, ie conceal I don't think it's worth the money. The SPF is great but then...it's a concealer, does it really need an SPF? I'd have to wear sunscreen underneath anyway as the concealer doesn't cover my entire face...so somewhat pointless.

Reviewed by
Alcohol towards beginning of list

Not a lot here to offer other than the SPF.

Reviewed by
Annette D.

This concealer produces results that are similar to the one that Paula's Choice makes -- except that it has SPF 20. The coverage is light and very natural. The texture is quite slick but it dries down to a nice, natural finish. I find that this must be used alone around the eyes. If it's on top of a moisturizer, it migrates very easily and looks terrible. Used alone it's great. This is very expensive for the amount you get, but the results are worth it.

Reviewed by
Long lasting Coverage

Good coverage that can be built up. Goes on a little wet but dries nicely - which I like because it blends well. Lasts all day. Doesn't get flaky. Many color selections. I rated value at a 3 due to the packaging. It is in a small compact. Must use fingers or an applicator. You know how it goes....these containers aren't the most sanitary. And gets icky after a while. Therefore, I will need to purchase a new one before I use all the product.

Reviewed by
Slippery but pretty

This concealer has a soft, slick feel in the package (a reason'able-size pot.) It goes on as a very slippery cream. It's easy to find yourself rubbing back-and-forth which, of course, just makes the undereye swell. At first I put powder over this to hold it in place. It actually looks better if you just let it dry and add layers if needed. This is a great product for daily use, especially since it includes sunscreen! For dressier occasions I'm more likely to use the Cle de Peau or the Becca dual texture to get heavier coverage.

Reviewed by
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