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Bobbi Brown At-A-Glance

Strengths: A good cleanser and eye makeup removers; some impressive foundations, with options for all skin types and preferences; very good blushes and eyeshadows (powder and cream); several top-notch mascaras; the Gel Eyeliner and Shimmer Brick are impressive; mostly excellent brushes..

Weaknesses: As with most Lauder-owned companies, the well-formulated moisturizers are hindered by jar packaging, which compromises the effectiveness of light- and air-sensitive ingredients; several otherwise effective products marred by irritating fragrant oils or fragrance components; concealers and lip glosses are unimpressive; CC cream leaves skin looking worse, not better.

It all began with lipsticks. In 1991, New York based makeup artist Bobbi Brown debuted a collection of ten lipsticks at Bergdorf Goodman, expecting to sell about one hundred units in a month. She sold more than that the first day. From there, it's been mostly success after success, as Brown launched her classic foundation stick, wrote her first book, Bobbi Brown Beauty The Ultimate Beauty Resource, and enjoyed continued attention as an in-demand makeup artist and beauty educator.

The popularity of the line, particularly the makeup, did not go unnoticed by Estee Lauder, who acquired Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in 1995. Since Lauder has been at the helm the line has expanded well beyond what Brown likely envisioned back in the early 1990s, and it now includes fragrance and body-care products, among others. Yet it is Brown's makeup that continues to excel with superior foundations (though the ones without sufficient UVA protection disappoint), true matte blushes and eyeshadows, and with all of the other basics that are essential to a woman's classic makeup wardrobe. It isn't the least bit surprising that this makeup collection continues to do so well, because for many women, it's one-stop shopping that combines classic makeup application techniques with enough fun-yet-functional products to keep customer's interest piqued season to season.

Turning to the skin-care collection, there isn't a great deal to say or extol. The prices are rather steep, especially when you consider how many well-intentioned products use jar packaging, and fragrant irritants are a common thread, including in most of the sunscreens, which is a shame. Color is Bobbi Brown's strong point, but you will find a few sleeper hits among the selection of mostly inadequate or problematic skin-care products.

For more information about Bobbi Brown, owned by Estee Lauder, call (877) 310-9222 or visit

Bobbi Brown Makeup

We admire Brown's latest philosophy on beauty. She says, "The secret to beauty is simple—be who you are." No arguments here! However, it's clear from promotional materials for this line that Brown believes being who you are should involve some amount of makeup, a concept many women may disagree with. Still, there's no question that the right makeup, applied and blended correctly, can make a world of positive difference to a woman, and in this regard Brown's counter staff is well-prepared. It was nice to overhear the makeup artists explaining step-by-step application tips to customers, rather than just pushing products. With just a few exceptions, this is a makeup collection its namesake creator should be proud of—not only for the products, but also for the level of service and education provided.

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+ Rating Product Brand Category Price Size
Good Brightening Advanced Serum (Discontinued) Bobbi Brown Serums  $105.00 1.60 fl. oz.
Poor Brightening Gentle Cream Cleanser (Discontinued) Bobbi Brown Cleansers/Soaps  $30.00 3.30 fl. oz.
Poor Brightening Hydrating Lotion (Discontinued) Bobbi Brown Toners  $52.00 6.70 fl. oz.
Poor Brightening Intensive Serum (Discontinued) Bobbi Brown Serums  $95.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Average Brightening Moisture Cream (Discontinued) Bobbi Brown Lighteners Without Hydroquinone  $72.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Good Brightening SPF 50 UV Protective Face Base (Discontinued) Bobbi Brown Moisturizer with Sunscreen  $38.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Poor Brightening Spot Treatment Corrector SPF 25 (Discontinued) Bobbi Brown Concealer with Sunscreen  $35.00
Poor Extra Balm Rinse Bobbi Brown
- Extra
Cleansers/Soaps  $59.00 7.30 fl. oz.
Average Extra Eye Repair Cream Bobbi Brown
- Extra
Eye Moisturizers  $69.00 0.50 fl. oz.
Poor Extra Face Oil Bobbi Brown
- Extra
Face/Body Oils  $62.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Poor Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm Bobbi Brown
- Extra
Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $93.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Poor Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm SPF 25 Bobbi Brown
- Extra
Moisturizer with Sunscreen  $93.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Poor Extra Repair Serum Bobbi Brown
- Extra
Serums  $108.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Poor Extra Soothing Balm Bobbi Brown
- Extra
Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $58.00 0.50 fl. oz.
Poor Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm Bobbi Brown
- Extra
Tinted Moisturizer w/ Sunscreen  $54.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Poor Extra Treatment Lotion Bobbi Brown
- Extra
Toners  $65.00 5.00 fl. oz.
Good 3-Pan Palette Bobbi Brown Makeup Planners/Organizers/Cases/Bags  $10.00
Good 6-Pan Palette Bobbi Brown Makeup Planners/Organizers/Cases/Bags  $10.00
Good BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Bobbi Brown BB Cream  $42.00 1.35 fl. oz.
Good Blotting Papers Bobbi Brown Oil-Blotting Papers/Products  $20.00 100.00 sheets
Best Blush Bobbi Brown Powder Blush  $25.00
Good Bobbi Brown Brushes Bobbi Brown Brushes/Applicators/Curlers  $27.00
Average Brightening Finishing Powder Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder  $55.00
Average Brightening Lip Gloss Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss  $24.00
Good Bronzing Powder Bobbi Brown Powder Bronzer  $38.00
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