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Concealer is exceptional. This twist-up stick concealer has a light, smooth texture that glides over the skin and offers substantial but (almost) imperceptible coverage in four excellent shades, best for fair to light skin. The soft matte finish poses little risk of creasing, and the only thing that’s disconcerting about this is the prohibitive price.

Brand Overview

Cle de Peau Beaute At-A-Glance

Strengths: None of note among skin-care items; even the best products are not worth the money when compared with superior versions from other lines that cost slightly to considerably less; foundations that provide excellent coverage without looking heavy; a magnificent concealer; good highlighting powder and eyeshadows; one good mascara.

Weaknesses: Too many to list, but major ones include: average to ineffective moisturizer and serum formulas; no sunscreens; no products to address acne; several products sold as nourishing or anti-aging that douse skin with alcohol or other irritants; makeup products rated as average that are definitely not worth the investment.

Shiseido-owned Cle de Peau Beaute has a great French name that means "key to beautiful skin," but even a cursory overview shows that it is merely the key to the most inane waste of money. We wish there were a way we could bestow a sense of the truth about what women are really buying from this line with a swoop of a wand or a mind meld! The reality is, aside from having no sunscreen—which leaves skin completely vulnerable to the very damage this skin-care company makes every claim it can repair—these products contain nothing unique or out of the ordinary. While most of the products contain some amount of antioxidants, cell-communicating ingredients, and anti-irritants, the amounts are so minuscule they are inconsequential for skin, and for this kind of money that’s offensive. Moreover, the formulations are repetitive, with few significant, bona fide differences among them, despite sometimes wide swings in prices.

Where Cle de Peau excels is in its propaganda of beauty at any cost, especially really expensive cost, regardless of fact or reality. Words such as "extraordinary" and "elegant" pepper the literature for this line, with the none-too-subtle message being that of luxury and obtaining the crème de la crème among skin-care products. Although several of their moisturizers have indulgent textures and are packaged in exquisite containers, it takes much more than that to create efficacious skin-care products whose substance equates to more than mere style. A few Cle de Peau products were reviewed favorably, but we can't in good conscience recommend this line given the prevalence of equal or better formulas from many other lines, most without the price tag that contributes immeasurably to the opulent image Cle de Peau has cultivated.

For more information about Shiseido-owned Cle de Peau, visit www.cledepeau-beaute.com.

Note: Many of Cle de Peau's formulations are variations on what Shiseido itself offers for much less money. Shiseido doesn't necessarily have better formulas (although their sun-care line is formidable and worth a look), but they offer proportionately more products we feel comfortable recommending.

Cle de Peau Beaute Makeup

Without question, this is absolutely one of the most expensive collections of makeup sold today. While the prices defy logic or reason, at least the majority of the products perform reliably well and most have beautiful, soft textures that are easy to work with. Of particular interest are the cream foundation and concealer, and the mascaras, pencils, blush, and eyeshadows have their strong points, too. However, when you consider that products costing considerably less share these strengths, the decision to purchase from Cle de Peau comes down to how large your cosmetics budget is and how important the image of ultra-high-end prestige is to you and your makeup bag.

The salespeople for this line go on and on about how each makeup item is an extension of the treatment benefits attained from their skin-care products, but a review of the ingredient lists for almost every cosmetic below clearly refutes that claim. Ironically, even if the makeup were an extension of the skin care, that would be bad news, because the skin-care products are some of the worst on the market.

Nothing in this makeup is special, unique, or even all that competitive with what the cosmetics industry's frontrunners are creating for you. Nevertheless, the main reason to consider Cle de Peau makeup is if you're looking for a selection of silky foundations that provide substantial coverage without the heavy, masklike look of days past. That attribute is one of the reasons celebrities often claim to use Cle de Peau's foundations and concealer.

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The new Beautypedia Team proudly and unequivocally maintains the commitment to help you find the best products possible for your skin. We do this by relentlessly pursuing and relying on published scientific research so you will have unbiased information on what works and what doesn't-and the sneaky ways you could be making your skin worse, not better!

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Excellent concealer

I was hesitant to buy this concealer due to the price tag, but I made the plunge and I've been happy with the results. I use this product strictly for the undereye area. Using it everyday has barely made a dent in the product so I would say that the value in my opinion is worth every penny. From my personal experience it covers my circles and doesn't crease. It looks very soft and natural. A great buy in my honest opinion. They have expanded their shades and the dark is great for contour!

Reviewed by
Chase C
Not for everyone

If you havedark circles this will to the job for most people. A little heavy for thin craepy skin. A color corrector is needed before concealer if you have blue - blackish circles. I recommend Laura Mercier's secret concealer in orange /yellow or mauve. The combo might do the trick. I apply foundation first then my concealers, therefore my concealers don't move when applying foundation over them. Makes eyes brighter. This concealer is pricey. Try before purchasing,

Reviewed by
Lisa S
Does not crease!

I have dry skin and very, very dark circles under my eyes. This is one of the few concealers that will actually cover those circles and not cake or crease. It tends to wear off by the end of the day but if I am going out in the evening, I just apply a little more.

Reviewed by
It is the best indeed!

Although it is quite expensive, it is so worth it! I use it every day and it lasts me more than a year. A little goes a long way. I have tried a lot of high end concealers (Lancome, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Bobby Brown, Paula's Choice, etc.) and so far this one is the best one. I repurchased it 3 times already. It provides medium coverage, and is best suited for oily/normal/combo skin. Many times I use it instead of my foundation as it provides invisible yet very effective coverage.

Reviewed by
Save your money

In my search for the "perfect concealer," I just had to try this one. Based on all the hype, my expectations were high. I am 51 years old and don't have many lines under my eyes, but I do have dark circles. I found that this concealer made my under eyes look dry and crepey and didn't really do a great job of concealing. If your eyes are showing any signs of aging, I wouldn't recommend this concealer. It will just make you look older. I found the formula too dry even with an eye cream.

Reviewed by
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