Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Sun Protection SPF 30 Brush
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This is one of Colorescience’s star products, and it’s easy to see why: It’s an outstanding (albeit overpriced) powder sunscreen that offers sheer coverage with a built-in broad-spectrum sunscreen active.

Packaged with an attached natural-hair brush dispenser, it does an impressive job of depositing powder evenly, and applies best when swirled onto your skin. The powder itself is silky and adheres readily to your skin, without grabbing or streaking. The finely milled texture makes it incredibly easy to create sheer, natural-looking coverage; however, this is an especially great option for sensitive skin (including rosacea) because of the all-mineral sunscreens.

The six shades are separated into Clear, Light, and Medium, and there are Shimmer options for each—but, consider yourself warned: The flecks of shimmer are not subtle! That said, anyone looking for a shimmery bronzer to boost their sun protection is likely to fall in love with the Almost Clear Shimmer shade.

Colorescience also claims this powder sunscreen is “very water resistant,” and it certainly does withstand a moderate amount of moisture before it begins to streak, and even then it doesn’t transfer easily.

Although initially pricey at $50, after you’ve purchased the brush component, refills are only $19, which takes the sting out of keeping your skin protected from sun damage.

Despite our top rating, we must mention that it’s unsafe to rely on any powder as your sole form of sun protection, simply because you’re not likely to apply enough of it to get the level of sun protection stated on the label. Pairing a powder with a recommended daytime moisturizer with sunscreen will ensure the best results, and this applies to any powder (pressed or loose) with sunscreen.


Active: Titanium Dioxide (12%), Zinc Oxide (12%), Other: Mica, Dimethicone/Vinyldimethicone Crosspolymer, Corallina Officinalis, Calcium Silicate; May Contain: Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Dimethicone

Brand Overview

Colorescience PRO At-A-Glance

Strengths: All SPF-rated products provide sufficient broad-spectrum sun protection with mineral sunscreens; excellent loose-powder complexion products; Sunforgettable Eyescreen is a unique loose-powder sunscreen for use around the eyes; attached natural goat-hair brush dispensers work very well; SPF 30 loose-powder sunscreens double nicely as SPF-boosting bronzers.

Weaknesses: Many products contain volatile fragrant oils and/or irritants; not all products are tested to determine their SPF rating; shimmer products tend to be too sparkly; completely ordinary mascara; the makeup-setting mists are nothing but irritant-filled fragrant water.

Colorescience PRO was founded by "the mother of mineral makeup" Diane Ranger, who bestowed that title on herself based on her role as founder of the mineral makeup behemoth Bare Escentuals in 1976. (Ranger subsequently parted ways with Bare Escentuals in 1991). Taking a cue from her Bare Escentuals days, Ranger designed Colorescience PRO to be all about "natural" loose-powder mineral makeup. Her goal was to offer medium- to full-coverage "healthy makeup" that is ideal for sensitive skin, with the added benefit of all-mineral, broad-spectrum sunscreen protection.

Ranger's concept has its strong points, but not all of the formulas jibe with the ideal of being great for sensitive skin. In fact, with the exception of only a handful of products, most include volatile fragrant oils and irritating ingredients, which are the last things that anyone's skin needs to stay healthy, whether sensitivity is an issue or not. This type of needless irritation hurts skin's healing process and disrupts its ability to produce healthy collagen.

Although Colorscience PRO offers some skin-care products, most of our readers' interest is on their color line, primers, and setting mists, so we concentrated our reviews on those products. What we found was that, except for the loose-mineral foundation and some of the brand's Sunforgettable products, this line falls short in terms of performance and value. To make matters worse, it's difficult to shop because it has opaque packaging, confusing shade names, and odd categories.

It's clear that Colorescience PRO knows how to make finely milled, silky powders packed with mineral sunscreens, but beyond that, there's not much to distinguish this line from lots of others that have capitalized on the runaway success of mineral makeup, despite the fact that mineral makeup really isn't anything new or all that wonderful.

The gem of this line is the loose-mineral foundation with sunscreen, and it indeed performs beautifully without irritating. The problem with this product is its price tag—$60—for a loose powder with sunscreen. That's ludicrous! Besides, all SPF-rated products must be applied liberally to get the stated level of sun protection, and how liberally are you going to apply a product that is this expensive?

Speaking of high prices, most of Colorescience's line is overpriced, despite the fact that there are a few worthwhile products. Just because high prices have become the norm for spa- and dermatologist-exclusive lines doesn't mean that the products are any better for you. Another notable frustration with this line is that not all of the products have been tested for their SPF rating, which means that you cannot rely on some of  them for sun protection.

For more information about Colorescience PRO visit www.colorescience.com or call (866) 426-5673.

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I've only used this product once in a dermatologist's office, and I liked the result quite a bit as I recall but I could not justify spending $60 on a foundation that did not look like I was getting much for my money. That said, you have this listed at $25 (It's $52 on the calorescience website). Did you invert the numbers or is it available for $25 somewhere? I'd buy it for $25!

Reviewed by
Mari M
Beautypedia Team Response

Hi there!  Thanks for the heads up.  I'm guessing one of two things happened here, in regards to the pricing... The original review is three years old so while it's possible that the price may have doubled since then, we doubt it, and it's more likely that the numbers were inverted.  However, when searching on Google, there are a few retailers out there selling far below retail, so check it out!  I've since fixed our pricing to match the official site.

Have a good day!
-Beautypedia Team

—Beautypedia Team
Amazing product

As an Indian man with very tan skin, using a powder sunscreen that keeps my excess oil at bay while still providing coverage for pores, minor lines and mild scarring is a fantastic experience. The price is high, but the inexpensive refills make it worthwhile. An important point of note that Paula does not address: finely milled titanium and zinc oxides may be dangerous if inhaled so please be wary. ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3385434/ )

Reviewed by
Michael C
Unforgettable Sunforgettable

I was looking for sun protection throughout the day to go over my makeup. This mineral sunscreen has become a holy grail. Yes, it's pricey (in Canada around the $70 mark) but worth every penny! Easy to apply over skin & existing makeup. Also, I have dehydrated/dry skin & was worried that it would be too drying but has worked beautifully even on dry skin. I think this product is for every skin type & age highly recommend it! One tube lasted all spring & summer with everyday use.

Reviewed by
Marisa B.
Love It!

I was looking for an easy way to touch up my SPF in the afternoons without disturbing my makeup and Colorscience Sunforgettable is perfect. Once I got over the sticker shock (I paid $70 in Ontario, Canada), it has lived up to all of the great reviews I have read online. I am hoping the replacement powder will be much cheaper. Highly recommend this to people who are diligent about their SPF.

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