Conceal FX Maximum Camouflage Concealer
Last Updated:04.02.2015
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This concealer comes in a squeeze tube and offers heavy-duty, impressive coverage for red marks, brown spots or blemishes. Also an option for under-eye circles, though it can be trickier to work with in this application as its degree of coverage is quite substantial. As is the case with any full coverage concealer, it can look heavy and obvious if care isn't taken to blend it properly.

Only a small amount of this slightly creamy, thick concealer is needed, and it may take a bit of experimentation to get the hang of application in terms of finding that right amount. Though initially creamy, Cover FX Maximum Camouflage Concealer gradually sets to a satin matte finish that’s slightly prone to creasing if not set with powder. This is best for those with dark circles or other strong discolorations that more traditional concealers don’t camouflage well enough, otherwise those with minor imperfections may prefer a lighter coverage formula.

The caveat with this formula is the shade range, which trends towards warmer tones, but some are worth consideration if your skin tone fits. X-Light, Light, and Light-Medium are excellent shades for those with fair and fair to light skin tones. While there are some tricky aspects of this product, it is a formidable option for a full coverage concealer if you are willing to invest the time in getting it right.

Brand Overview

Cover FX At-A-Glance

Strengths: Broad range of foundation and concealer shades for those seeking moderate to full coverage; superior mineral powder foundation; good primer; most of the products are fragrance-free (but not all); very good brushes at an attractive price point.

Weaknesses: Lip balm/lipstick contains potential irritants; color range can be a little tricky for some of their products.

Co-founded by makeup artist Lee Graff and M.A.C. Cosmetic alumni’s, Cover FX is a Canadian company specializing in camouflage makeup, the area of concentration in which Graff has focused her career as a makeup artist. According to the company Web site, Graff’s dream “was to help men and women with skin conditions face the world with confidence by offering them makeup products with therapeutic benefits that would perfectly match their skin tone, be affordable, well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin, and achieve a perfectly natural, flawless effect.” Lofty goals, certainly! Cover FX manages to accomplish much of these with a line that has grown and been well curated over the years.

Many of the options within Cover FX offer medium to full coverage, but whenever serious camouflage is needed, there is a trade-off to accept that it won’t always look totally natural. To their credit, Cover FX's full coverage options look more natural on skin than many (and their expansive color options helps quite a bit).

If you don't need full coverage, there are several other products from Cover FX worth considering, from their Cream Concealer, Priming Serum to their Skin Tint, Custom Cover Drops and makeup brushes. This isn't a comprehensive makeup line (for example, you won't find eyeshadows, pencils, or mascara), but they are a cosmetics line that understands what it does best—and sticks with it.

Cover FX has an admirable goal in wanting to help people who have scars or discolorations face the world with their head held high. Without question, the right makeup can make a huge difference in such a person’s self-esteem, and as Cover FX has evolved over the years, they’ve launched impressive and unique formulas. There are a few that need work due to their use of potentially irritating ingredients—but fortunately, these are few and far between.

For more information about Cover FX, call (866) 424-3332 or visit www.coverfx.com.

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I love this product!

I don't know why the other person hates this concealer so much, I love it! I use one of those beauty sponges (slightly damp) to blend it after applying first to my hand and then dotting on my face where I need it. I find the coverage amazing, without looking like too much. I have the neutral x-light, and often have a hard time finding make-up that works on my super pale skin. I have gotten compliments on how good my skin looks every day since I started using it!! Highly recommend.

Reviewed by
Jennifer E
Biggest Regret - Avoid at all cost

This product should be considered poor. The color I chose (Light) was horrible and craped like crazy. It made me look old; when I took it off, I looked better and younger. Please, please, please never ever buy this product, it is a BIG waste of money. I threw mine out. Sorry Paula there is nothing average about this product. I would not even sell this in a dollar store.

Reviewed by
Angie B
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