Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer – Oil Free
Last Updated:12.30.2013
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Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer has a fairly standard creamy liquid formula that's housed in a squeeze tube. It applies easily and comes in a variety of shades that look natural on fair to medium skin tones, but trouble lies ahead.

This concealer does a good job of covering minor imperfections and dark circles, but those looking for truly "maximum" coverage will be disappointed. The only way to get maximum coverage is to pack this on, which ends up looking unnatural.

Another drawback is that after a few hours of wear, this concealer begins to migrate into fine lines and wrinkles, even with setting powder, which means this is one you should probably pass up. Check out our list of Best Concealers instead!

  • Concealer applies easily and comes in a good range of shades for fair to medium skin tones.
  • Does a good job covering minor imperfections and dark circles.
  • Does not provide "maximum" coverage as claimed.
  • Migrates into wrinkles and fine lines after a few hours.
Brand Overview

e.l.f. At-A-Glance

Strengths: Bonafide beauty bargain prices; several praiseworthy makeup products including the powder blush, bronzer, and eyeshadows; some great face powders; oil-blotting papers are a steal; excellent brushes in the Studio line; a few good, inexpensive skincare products.

Weaknesses: Mostly average to poor skincare formulas; a multitude of terrible concealers; limited options for foundation; average to not-worth-it-at-any-price eyeliners (with the exception of one); some of the skincare products aren't on par with better formulated options that cost a bit more.

From a line of cosmetics whose claim to fame is its rock-bottom prices we weren't expecting much. With many of the makeup products selling for just $1, could there be any outstanding finds to rival the best options from drugstores and department stores? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Yet although that's good news, the entire picture isn't so rosy, and many of the products from e.l.f. (which stands for Eyes, Lips, Face) are as basic as can be, while a few are resounding disappointments we wouldn't even give away.

e.l.f. was founded by Scott Vincent Borba—the same businessman responsible for the Borba "beauty waters" once sold at Sephora boutiques—and Joseph Shamah. The story goes that one day Borba was shopping in an unnamed "dollar store" (where everything sells for a dollar) and noticed women dressed in designer clothing and sporting designer handbags loading up their baskets with inexpensive nail polish, eye pencils, and lip balm. He took note of the products being sold in such stores and quickly decided he could offer products of even higher quality at the same competitive price. His idea paid off, as e.l.f. has enjoyed continued success and increased distribution online and in retail stores like Target.

As you might expect, not everything in the e.l.f. line is great. When you're offering almost every product for $1 (OK, there's plenty for $3 and $5, too), they're not going to be nearly as luxurious or innovative as the company proclaims (most of the ingredient lists couldn't be more basic and the packaging is sometimes slipshod). Many e.l.f. items have packaging that, while functional, can only be described as cheap. In terms of value, yes, almost everything is inexpensive, but in most cases the container sizes are much smaller than the norm. Still, if you're considering spending a few dollars on fun, occasional-use colors, size becomes much less of an issue.

This line can be found at select Target stores and some regional drugstores, but the best place to experience the collection is online (none of the stores provide testers). The cheaper elements are a given based on the price point e.l.f. has established, but overall you're likely to be impressed with what they developed for so little money, and you may just find some beauty bargains (especially makeup brushes) that raise the bar—at least to a height that's taller than your average elf!

For more information about e.l.f., call (800) 231-4732 or visit www.eyeslipsface.com.

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Got a great tip for rosacea

I have rosacea, and had concealer recommended to me as a gentle all-over foundation. I've found this works great when I occasionally want something with more staying power. It has yet to irritate my face, and has better coverage than my foundations. Limited shades will be a problem if none match your skin. I apply with fingers over slightly damp moisturizer. Powder optional. I've never found it in stores, you'll need to order it to try.

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It's really much better than the review.

The $3.00 concealer is granted not maximum coverage, but it is a creamy medium coverage. Opaque, but blends well, and you get a good amount of product. I ended up ordering a darker hue and used it as a foundation. As for settling into lines, I've yet to find a concealer that doesn't. This is a winner!

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