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Hylexin At-A-Glance

Strengths: If you ignore the dark circle-eliminating claims, this is an overall well-formulated moisturizer; fragrance-free.

Weaknesses: Expensive; does not work on dark circles as claimed, and there's no proof anywhere that it can; Bremenn Research Labs has a sketchy history and their claims have been questioned by government agencies.

You may have noticed that the full-page magazine ads for Hylexin are similar in design and content to those for Klein-Becker's StriVectin-SD. Hylexin is from Bremenn Research Labs, but the customer-service contact number that appears on Hylexin and StriVectin-SD is identical. Calls to this number revealed that Hylexin and StriVectin are manufactured by different companies, but both are distributed by Customer Service Distribution in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both products also seem to have the same marketing team behind them, and the ad for Hylexin does make for entertaining reading. That's because its tone is conversational, and it reads as if it were written by an enthusiastic, but uninformed, college student, with statements such as "Science is soooo cool!" and "See you at the Hylexin counter!" All we can say is that, based on the volume of questions we have received, the ads are working. We initially held on to my belief that my readers would dismiss the ads and claims as too good to be true. OK, we were wrong.

The "scientific" study mentioned in the ads for Hylexin is not published, so consumers are left to take the company's word for it (and it's anyone's guess how reliable and "scientific" their study is). Because Hylexin is a cosmetic, not a drug, it does not have to prove its claims, although Bremenn Research Labs comes very close to making Hylexin sound like it has druglike benefits, especially with their statements about strengthening the capillary matrix to prevent leakage of oxidized hemoglobin into the under-eye area. There is absolutely zero proof that the potential "l;active" ingredient in Hylexin can affect blood vessels when applied topically (Source: Sadly, this is not salvation in a tube for those struggling with dark circles. We'd choose a full coverage concealer over a sham product like this any day! For more information about Hylexin, call 800-913-8415 or visit

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