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Brow Power is a fairly standard, retractable eyebrow pencil. Packaged in a twist-up tube that contains a spoolie brush on one end, this pencil is actually quite hard and waxy, making it difficult to apply.

Once on, it doesn't smudge, and does an adequate job of enhancing the brows. It just simply doesn't perform any better than any number of less expensive eyebrow pencils, or even powder eyeshadows. For what this costs, you should expect (and get) more.

IT Cosmetics claims that this pencil contains a complex that "restores follicle health," but there are no independent studies to back it up. The second ingredient—plant extract saw palmetto—is reputed to help male-pattern baldness, but there's insufficient research to support its use for this purpose. Plus, brows may shed for reasons much different from what causes hair on the scalp to fall out.

This pencil comes in one medium brown color, which IT Cosmetics says "works on all hair colors," but those with very fair eyebrows will find that it doesn't look natural.

  • Retractable packaging means no routine sharpening is needed.
  • Doesn't smudge.
  • Hard, waxy texture makes application challenging.
  • Medium brown color will not work on all hair colors.
  • Pricey.

IT Cosmetics (the IT stands for “Innovative Technology”) is the creation of Jamie Kern Lima, a former Miss USA pageant contestant and TV news anchor. Lima founded IT Cosmetics in 2008, selling her products in boutique stores and on QVC, then expanding into Canada in 2009. Since then, the line has gotten a lot of exposure with featured reports and stories on network television, including prominent mentions on the ABC reality show Dancing With the Stars.

Other than this abundant television exposure, the main draw of IT Cosmetics is its claim that the company works with leading plastic surgeons from Brazil to create products containing the very latest anti-aging technologies. That sounds intriguing, but is a bit silly when you consider that most plastic surgeons don’t know anything about skin care or cosmetic ingredient research. Consulting a cosmetic surgeon about anti-aging formularies is like consulting a taxi driver about how to fly an airplane! You’d think Lima and her team would instead want to consult a dermatologist, but even that’s not a slam-dunk for ensuring your anti-aging products are a cut above the rest, given that dermatologists also are not trained in skin-care formulations.

The labels on most IT Cosmetics products reveal a variety of age-defying claims centered around ingredients like antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, and collagen. Those are indeed great ingredients, but because many of IT Cosmetics’ products are packaged in containers that expose these delicate ingredients to light and air, any benefit is reduced as soon as you open the jar or compact (something the plastic surgeons from Brazil obviously didn’t know).

There are also some distinct weaknesses in the line, including an average yet pricey eyebrow pencil, powder illuminator, and eyeshadow whose performances don’t justify the expense (especially not when you factor in the high shipping fees QVC charges).

Of course, IT Cosmetics also has some products that are worth checking out. The line boasts an excellent powder blush, mascara, creme illuminator, hydrating cream lipstick, and many other products—including a full-coverage concealer that is truly full coverage—that are very good. However, while these products are good, they are not so unique that similar products can’t be found elsewhere for less money. As with any line that has a mix of good, so-so, and bad products, shopping using our reviews to guide you is a great way to ensure you’ll at least get your money’s worth, and your skin will be the better for it.

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  1. Laura M
    Reviewed on Sunday, March 16, 2014
    • Value
      2 / 4
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      3 / 4
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      4 / 4
    Love this pencil
    • I have tried many many eyebrow products, from powders to pencils to tints and I always find myself going back to this particular pencil. Though the waxy texture is listed as a con I find it a huge pro. You don't get so much colour with the strokes and its much easier to control the coverage and I find it looks so natural. Mine came in a great kit but I'm seriously considering buying another for backup.

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