Lock-it Tattoo Concealer
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This easy-to-apply fragrance-free cream concealer is a good option for normal to oily skin. During application, the cream texture applies smoothly, but the semi-matte finish is too drying for already-dry skin types.

If dry skin isn't a problem, then this wears reliably well and resists creasing into fine lines and wrinkles throughout the day. Although this concealer is not pigmented enough to fully camouflage a tattoo—we tried it!—the buildable, medium to full coverage does help disguise most discolorations, blemishes, and patches of uneven skin tone.

There is a workable selection of shades for light to dark skin tones, but be sure to try them on in natural lighting—with highly pigmented color products like this, it's important to match your skin tone as closely as possible.

  • Easy-to-apply cream concealer; blends well.
  • Buildable, medium to full coverage.
  • Works to disguise discolorations, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.
  • Shades for light to dark skin tones.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Cannot fully camouflage a tattoo.
  • Pricey.
Brand Overview

Kat Von D At-A-Glance

Strengths: Excellent eyeshadow palettes and trios; long-wearing cream and liquid lipstick; High Voltage Skin eyeshadow primer; Sin-Full Mascara.

Weaknesses: Several pricey products; Tattoo and Dark Circle Eraser is disappointing; Lock-it Tattoo Foundation is average at best, and, unfortunately, is the only foundation option; Autograph Pencil is the only eyeliner pencil, and it’s not worth the money; no powder or blush brushes.

Celebrity makeup lines are nothing new—we’ve seen dozens of them over the years—but this one is a first in that it shocked us a bit, and we are not easily shocked. Kat Von D’s claim to fame is her successful tattooing enterprise, and her role as a former reality TV show star—she also was once engaged to Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband. (You just can’t make this kind of stuff up.) Despite the ups and downs of her back-story, Kat Von D is now a makeup entrepreneur, and a good one.

The line launched in 2007 with only two eyeshadow palettes, cream lipstick, and eyeliner, but since has expanded by adding several new products, including the High Voltage Skin eyeshadow primer and Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick—both of which received our top rating. Also worth checking out are Sin-Full Mascara and Painted Love Lipstick. Just like most makeup lines, this is one to shop carefully; for every great product, there’s one that underperforms or ends up being a waste of money.

Kat Von D’s line of makeup products is actually quite good for the most part, and far better than we were expecting. This is definitely a brand to consider assuming you’re OK with the prices and the knowledge that in most cases you can find similar and even better options available for far less. (We are not okay with doing expensive when less expensive can knock your socks off!)

All Kat Von D makeup products come packaged with the line’s signature images of roses and thorns (perhaps to reinforce Von D’s love of tattoo design), which definitely makes these products stand out among a sea of blandly packaged makeup containers.

For more information on this brand, go to: www.sephora.com/kat-von-d.

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Good coverage, but lose the disintegrating cap!

The coverage is excellent and I can recommend the product, but the silver cap to the tube disintegrates, leaving small metallic pieces on your hands (then face!), which I had to pick off each time. I eventually wrapped the cap in tape to keep it from shedding particles.

Reviewed by

This really is the best concealer I have ever used. I was devoted to Clinique's Advanced Concealer for many years, but Lock-it Concealer is not only easier to work with, the array of shades makes for a more accurate match. Something needs to be done about the awful silver paint on the tube's cap though. It flakes off every time I touch it, and metallic flakes get everywhere (read: on my face). Disco glitter is not a good look for daytime.

Reviewed by
Good Skin Color Match

I had never heard of this line, but tried it at Sephora when I was searching for a concealer for some very large white scars on my arms. My skin color is a yellowish fair. I had already tried some of the Paula’s BEST rated department store concealers & was having the consistent problem of the color looking OK in the store, but not when outside. This was the only concealer where the color looked natural when outside. I was so pleased with the color I got 2 colors for tanned & regular skin.

Reviewed by
Mattie L.
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