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Laura Mercier At-A-Glance

Strengths: Many fragrance-free products; top-notch water-soluble cleansers; some extraordinary foundation and powder products; great powder blush, cream blush, and powder eyeshadows; a couple impressive mascaras; mostly great shimmer products; praiseworthy makeup brushes.

Weaknesses: Expensive; some of the products with sunscreen lack sufficient UVA-protecting ingredients; jar packaging hinders some of the skincare formulas.

Mercier did a reasonably good job of crafting a skin-care line to complement her formidable collection of makeup (color is definitely Mercier's strong suit). From her above-average cleansers to some intriguing serums, it is clear that the skin care wasn't just an afterthought. Mercier is the only independent makeup artistry line we know of whose skin-care products actually have an impressive array of state-of-the-art ingredients. Of course, not everything is a slam-dunk, but following the reviews below will lead you to some wonderful products, assuming the higher-than-normal prices don't offset your decision to shop this line for your skin-care needs. And it's nice that the line has toned down its claims about emu oil, because it was never that miraculous to begin with - it's just one of many emollient oils that can help dry skin look and feel better. 

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Laura Mercier Makeup

What sets Mercier's well-organized makeup line apart from the rest is her trademark "flawless face." Mercier believes that perfecting the complexion is the most important step to makeup application, and her line presents some incredible options for doing just that. An added plus is that Mercier's counter staff really have their act together when it comes to makeup application know-how, while the sales pressure is low key. We wish the tester units were more spacious and efficiently labeled, but this isn't an overwhelming line to navigate.

Most of Mercier's foundations are in many ways a step above the rest. Although none of the main foundations offer sun protection, there are formidable options for all skin types, and the pigmentation in each is rich, so a little goes a long way. Other areas where Laura Mercier's makeup really excels are the loose powders, cream blush, mascara, brushes, and shimmer products. It is all too easy and very tempting to put together an entire makeup wardrobe from the Mercier selection, but keep in mind that there are a fair number of standard to lackluster products that simply aren't worth the expense, despite Mercier's considerable makeup artistry expertise.

Mercier's handiwork routinely graces the covers of major fashion magazines, and for the most part her work speaks for itself and epitomizes this line's Flawless Face philosophy. Mercier herself regularly makes special appearances at her counters, and my guess is that sitting in her chair would be an experience to remember!

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+ Rating Product Brand Category Price Size
Best Flawless Skin One-Step Cleanser Laura Mercier Cleansers/Soaps  $35.00 6.80 fl. oz.
Best Mineral Powder SPF 15 Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation  $38.00 0.34 fl. oz.
Average Flawless Skin Purifying Cleansing Oil Laura Mercier Cleansers/Soaps  $40.00 6.80 fl. oz.
Average Foundation Primer–Mineral Laura Mercier Foundation Primer  $32.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Good Creme Lip Colour Laura Mercier Cream Lipstick  $26.00
Poor Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (Discontinued) Laura Mercier Eye Makeup Removers  $20.00 4.00 fl. oz.
Average Flawless Skin Mega Moisturizer SPF 15 Normal/Combination Skin Laura Mercier Moisturizer with Sunscreen  $50.00 2.00 fl. oz.
Poor Mineral Finishing Powder Laura Mercier Mineral Powder  $32.00
Good Waterproof Mascara Laura Mercier Waterproof Mascara  $20.00
Average Eye Brow Pencil Laura Mercier Brow Pencil  $22.00
Best Tinted Moisturizer Crème Compact SPF 20 Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer w/ Sunscreen  $45.00 0.26 fl. oz.
Average Flawless Skin Repair Serum Laura Mercier Serums  $95.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Poor Foundation Primer Laura Mercier Foundation Primer  $32.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Good Oil-Free Supreme Foundation Laura Mercier Liquid Foundation  $43.00
Average Face Polish Laura Mercier Scrubs  $30.00 3.40 fl. oz.
Good Foundation Primer Radiance Bronze Laura Mercier Foundation Primer  $33.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Good Multi-Vitamin Serum Laura Mercier Serums  $70.00 0.60 fl. oz.
Average Kohl Liner Extreme (Discontinued) Laura Mercier Eyeliner  $24.00
Good Caviar Stick Eye Colour Laura Mercier Cream/Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadow  $28.00
Average Loose Shimmer Powder (Discontinued) Laura Mercier Body Shine  $34.00
Good Undercover Pot Laura Mercier Cream Concealer  $34.00
Good Shimmer Lip Colour Laura Mercier Cream Lipstick  $24.00
Good Lip Treatment Kit (Discontinued) Laura Mercier Lip Exfoliators  $28.00
Average Flawless Skin Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Creme Laura Mercier Eye Moisturizers  $60.00 0.50 fl. oz.
Average Foundation Primer Oil-Free Laura Mercier Foundation Primer  $32.00 1.70 fl. oz.
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