Lauren Hutton's Good Stuff

Lauren Hutton’s Good Stuff At-A-Glance
   Strengths: The makeup fares much better than the skin care; one good moisturizer and lip balm; the oil-blotting sheets; almost all the foundations are worthwhile; top-notch powder; improved mascara.
   Weaknesses: Lack of a comprehensive skin-care routine; no sunscreens; many products tainted by irritating ingredients that have no established benefit for skin; average makeup brushes and concealer; some of the makeup products contain irritating ingredients.

   Anyone who was fashion- or makeup-conscious in the 1970s (not the best decade for fashion, but we had fun!) is likely familiar with the well-known model Lauren Hutton. Widely credited as being the world’s first supermodel, she appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine an impressive 25 times, and her appearance in American Gigolo with Richard Gere in 1980 was, at the time, legendary for a model. However, one of her major claims to fame was the up-to-then-unheard-of million-dollar deal she landed with Revlon as spokesmodel for their Ultima II brand. A strange element of Hutton’s claim to fame was her refusal to have the gap between her front teeth fixed—a smart decision, because it quickly became her trademark characteristic, setting her apart from her “perfect” colleagues.
   Her line gets a lot of time on the Home Shopping Network, which explains why I’m being deluged with questions—mostly from baby boomers who think she looks great for her age and want to know if her products can do that for them. According to the company’s press release, Hutton had reservations about entering the cosmetics business at all. A statement on her Web site quotes her as saying, “the last thing we need is another make-up company.” What pushed her to forge on was her belief that the cosmetics industry was not offering makeup that meets the needs of older (mature) women. Believing that today’s makeup market was full of densely pigmented powders and heavy-looking products that made older women look, well, even older, Hutton asserts that “this is make-up different from anything you’ve tried. It will make you look and ultimately feel years younger.” But obviously Hutton didn’t shop enough cosmetic counters or drugstore aisles (or read my book) because lots of companies, from Lauder to L’Oreal, are selling extremely sheer, softly pigmented colors and textures today.
   In terms of skin care, you can mostly ignore this stuff. These are mostly ho-hum, dated products with nothing to offer skin of any age in terms of what it needs most, namely antioxidants, water-binding agents (ingredients that mimic the structure of skin), and anti-irritants. In truth, these formulas are “older” than lots of lines were ten years ago.
   For more information about Lauren Hutton’s Good Stuff, call (888) 395-3469 or visit
Lauren Hutton’s Good Stuff Makeup
   From a makeup point of view, Good Stuff is a decent group of products with a few standouts, though none of them are particularly unique. Aside from the individual reviews below, suffice it to say that you do not have to shop this line exclusively to present an age-appropriate made-up face to the world. Besides, how many of us would really agree with Hutton’s statement that “our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life. They are what we have been through and who we want to be.” I don’t imagine most of us with wrinkles view them as any sort of reward, nor do I subscribe to the notion that wrinkles are “who we want to be.” Wrinkles are the unfortunate result of what we didn’t know about sun protection and the damaging effects of the sun, not about some badge of honor.
   Note: All prices listed below are suggested retail. Lauren Hutton’s Web site advertises the retail price and, for most items, a sale price that is anywhere from 15% to 50% lower. Combinations of various products reviewed below can also be found in discounted kits sold on the Home Shopping Network ( It is worth mentioning that Hutton’s site is one of the few that provides complete lists of ingredients for all of their products.

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