3-in-1 Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

by Lorac  
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This is an excellent, though pricey, automatic eye pencil. Application is smooth and even with absolutely no tugging, and it sets quickly to a long-wearing finish.

True to its name, this pencil is waterproof, but then again, so are most pencils that have this one's mix of silicones and waxes. Rest assured, this stays on during a swim or if you get caught in the rain, although that doesn’t mean it won't smudge by day's end if you have oily eyelids. Gel-type eyeliners are best if oily eyelids are a concern.

Lorac outfitted this pencil with a built-in sharpener (though most won't need to use this because the pencil's tip keeps its natural point) and a pointed sponge tip you can use if you want to soften the line immediately after applying. All three shades are excellent, including the beguiling Eggplant—a nice alternative to classic black.

This Los Angeles–based independent cosmetics company launched in 1990 and is the brainchild of makeup artist Carol Shaw (Lorac is "Carol" spelled backwards). It is well-publicized that Shaw has a long list of celebrity clients, but then so do all of the other makeup artists who have their own products lines—there are a lot of famous faces that need attention—so that boast is hardly unique. Compared to competitors Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy, or Stila, Lorac doesn't offer the same caliber of foundation colors or the array of products, yet most of what's available is impressive. The company holds its own when it comes to blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick. You will find that, for the most part, the older, established products perform better and are more attractive than many of Shaw's latest inventions. In particular, the latest lipstick, lip gloss, concealer, and waterproof mascara are true disappointments. Lorac hasn't done a great job on the innovation and performance side of the business since the last edition of this book, while her competition (particularly Stila and Laura Mercier) continues to consistently impress. There are still plenty of reasons to shop this line, but focus on the long-standing products rather than on what's new.

For more information about Lorac, call (800) 845-0705 or visit www.loraccosmetics.com.

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  1. Nora
    Reviewed on Sunday, January 27, 2013
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    • I bought this, I had to send for it blindly on Paula's review,. I am not impressed at all, the application is not easy, the texture is difficult to apply and control. The smudging tip is useless, as it cannot smudge. The pencil does not glide on the eyelid. Trying to get a sharp tip for a finer line is also difficult. The reason why this bothers me is that I have tried many pencils at sephora, such as Urban decay, Stila and make forever. The one i thought was the best was Urban decay, which did not get a best rating from Paula. I am sending the Lorac pencil back and buying the Urban Decay. P.S. Nars also has a nice eye pencil, unfortunately they are all shiny, not a matte one in the bunch,

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