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Contour Blush from NARS contains two pressed powders: The larger is a shade of brown, designed for contouring (adding definition to cheek bones and other areas of the face), while the smaller pan of color is a lighter shade for highlighting. While these appear matte, there is a very subtle degree of shimmer—not to worry, it isn't visible on skin, even in daylight conditions.

NARS offers three duos, each one recommended for a different range of skin tones: Olympia is for fair to light skin tones, Paloma is for medium skin tones but is also workable for light skin tones (if you're deft of hand), and Gienah is for medium to deep complexions. The colors are all excellent, and with each Contour Blush duo, the highlighting shade is different to better coordinate with the depth of the contouring powder—a thoughtful touch not often seen in products like this.

Both powders have a silky, slightly dusty texture that's easy to apply (we should also note that all three color duos can potentially double as a bronzer/highlighter, too).

  • Silky pressed powder texture is easy to apply.
  • Two of the three contour colors are appropriate for this purpose.
  • All of the highlighting shades are excellent.
  • None.
Brand Overview

NARS At-A-Glance

Strengths: Great range of foundation shades; excellent blushes; some impressive lipsticks; beautiful bronzers; tinted lip balm with broad-spectrum sun protection.

Weaknesses: Expensive; the skincare line rates as mostly mediocre to poor; unimpressive mascaras.

Frenchman Francois Nars has been painting the faces of New York's top models since arriving in the United States in 1984. Their images and his handiwork have been seen on the covers of countless fashion magazines, most notably Vogue and Elle. As the story often goes for the talented makeup artists who have become celebrities in their own right, Nars became frustrated with the state of available makeup and, surprise, another cosmetic line was born.

Beginning (as Bobbi Brown did) by launching a small collection of lipsticks in 1994, the clamor for the colors was incredible, and demand for more NARS products from the artist grew. Shortly thereafter an entire product line followed, gaining women's attention with sleek, tactile-enhanced packaging and risqué shade names.

As an overview, NARS makeup has many strengths, but just as many weaknesses. It reaches its zenith with blushes, foundation shades, brushes, and lipsticks, but falters when it comes to pencils, and mascaras. Still, the best of NARS are really spectacular, and include expanded color palettes.

Although much can be said about the makeup side of this cosmetics line, there is very little, if anything, to be said about the skin-care products other than "Why bother?" or better yet, "What were they thinking?" Most of the cleansers are drying, the toners are dated formulations of alcohol and other irritants, and the moisturizers are mundane, poorly conceived and dated formulations. A little grape juice and fennel won't save a mix of alcohol, film-forming agent, and waxes, especially not at these inflated prices. And sunscreen? Completely absent; it's not even discussed. The assembly of products is attractively presented at NARS counters, but don't be fooled!

For more information about NARS, owned by Shiseido, call (888) 788-6277 or visit www.narscosmetics.com.

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