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Strengths: None.

Weaknesses: Their star product's main ingredient is acetone. That's nail polish remover, and that's bad for skin—especially in a facial product you're directed to leave on overnight!

Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque is one of a handful of products sold by a company known as NuCerity International. For the time being, we are only reviewing their Skincerity product as it’s the one we’re asked about most (and one of the most shockingly bad formulas we’ve seen in years, but more on that in the review itself).

According to NuCerity's website, they offer "a comprehensive home-based business opportunity that can help you supplement your current income, replace it completely or build a solid business foundation that can set the stage for lasting wealth. It is a conscious decision that Nucerity has chosen person-to-person marketing as the optimal channel to distribute its leading-edge products." If their other products are anything like Skincerity (and there's no way to find that out unless you order them) then this is not a company we'd encourage anyone to get involved with. Simply clicking around their website can be confounding, as you run into dead ends and other impediments when trying to find out more than what the company wishes to make prominent.

This company is over the top in many ways, perhaps the least of which involves promises of long-term wealth and "a lasting legacy for your children and grandchildren". These are personal care products being sold, not feats of epic bravery or one-of-a-kind works of art! The superlatives may seem enticing, but think twice before getting on board Nucerity—as they say, don't quit your day job!

Note: Although we don't recommend Skincerity, you should know that unless you're purchasing online from a third-party supplier, you cannot order products from NuCerity's site unless you have a NuCerity sponsor and know that sponsor's ID and user name. Talk about not making it easier, and we strongly suspect any NuCerity sponsor you encounter will attempt to convince you to become a distributor too, because that's a big way they make money.

For more information about Skincerity by NuCerity, call (800) 961-2291 (but we do not advise any of our readers to sign up to sell this brand) or visit

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