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Ultra Moist Lip Wear
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Last Updated:06.27.2014
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For less than one dollar, you’re getting an emollient cream lipstick that provides rich color and a glossy, slick finish. This isn’t for anyone prone to lipstick feathering into lines around the mouth. For others, however, it’s definitely worth an audition, and the shade range, though small, is good.

Brand Overview

N.Y.C. At-A-Glance

Strengths: Inexpensive; the mineral makeup holds its own against more expensive competitors; good finds for powders, eyeshadows, and lip glosses; several outstanding best buys, including lipstick, mascara, pressed powder, and brow pencil; most products are packaged so you can easily see the color.

Weaknesses: Some really inferior products; the makeup brushes really disappoint; the lip-plumping gloss is filled to the brim with potent irritants; limited options for foundation and concealer; several average pencils.

The N.Y.C. (New York Color) brand clearly wants to align itself with all of the excitement and pulsating action of the Big Apple—think Sex and the City or any of the notable fashion magazines whose home is in the heart of Manhattan. It would have been a clever marketing maneuver if New York Color had delivered, but despite a few stellar products, the line overall is comparatively tame and relatively ordinary. Sexy product names and beguiling makeup descriptions don't equal great makeup. Forget Sex and the City, this is more like a new Woody Allen film—a few surprises, but predictably familiar in the end.

The most appealing part of this line is rock-bottom prices; everything is less than $10, and several items are less than $3 (but that's still not as rock bottom at E.L.F., where $1 per item is standard). Although this isn't the cream of the crop for makeup, there are more than enough inexpensive okay options to make it worthwhile for you to check if it's being sold at your local drugstore. Just keep in mind that not everything N.Y.C. offers is "prestige quality" or the least bit fashion-forward. Put another way: New Yorkers are a notoriously tough group to please, and as a whole N.Y.C. doesn't do enough to make an on-the-go city girl slow down and see what she's missing. In fact, shopping this line without some advance information may lead to resounding disappointments, and that's never the goal. On the flipside, knowing what to zero in on will not only save you money, but also connect you with a product that stands a very good chance of leaving you wondering why anyone would pay more.

You're most likely to find N.Y.C. at Target and Rite Aid. Regrettably, testers are not available, but both of the aforementioned retailers have a good return policy if you save your receipt.

For more information about N.Y.C., call (800) 953-5080 or visit www.newyorkcolor.com.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
too perfumey

I agree with Ellie about the finish. And, it's too scented for me.

Reviewed by
Marie A.
Sunday, January 05, 2014
The Sheer Red is Gorgeous!

I didn't really like any of the other colours, but the Sheer Red is excellent. No shimmer or glitter in this one, and it's a true red. It's very moisturizing and slightly glossy...just as good as any of my more expensive lipsticks, and actually much nicer than some of them.

Reviewed by
Thursday, January 02, 2014
#308 - A True Crayola Red!

I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a true crayola red lipstick that doesn't have pink tones in it. Many lipsticks look true red in the tube but once applied, they are too pink, coral, or brown. N.Y. C. Ultra Moist Lip Wear (#308 - Retro Red) delivers at a great price and subtle shine. If money isn't an issue, Julie Hewett Los Angeles (Rouge Noir) is also true red perfection that does not disappoint.

Reviewed by
Deanna, B
Wednesday, May 01, 2013

though it was a pretty good lipstick, it was rich and pigmented but it has a weird chrome-like sheen to it that looks a little frosty at the same time. the shades were really not that good in my opinion and a lot of them didn't work with my skin tone. if you able to find a color that suits you...then go for it!

Reviewed by
Ellie M.
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