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Last Updated:03.25.2015
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Billed as a three in one, lip liner, eyeliner and concealer, it works well for two out of three uses! As a lip liner, it holds up well to lipstick and gloss, and helps prevent bleeding outside the natural shape of your lips. The three shades are skin-tone neutrals, which may or may not be what you're looking for, but if you are, this is one to consider.

As an eyeliner, it doesn't smudge or leave a greasy finish (however, we don't recommend lining eyes along the waterline as NYX suggests, due to the risk of getting the product into your eyes).

As a concealer, the Wonder Pencil isn't so wonderful. There are so many truly excellent (and affordable) concealers on the market that this isn't worth the hassle on dark circles or discolorations. The tip drags across skin, making it uncomfortable for use under the eyes, and the binding ingredients in stick concealers can exacerbate breakout-prone skin, so we wouldn't recommended using it on blemishes.

All things considered, we can't recommend a viable use for this pencil as a concealer but it does make a good neutral lip liner.

  • Fragrance-free.
  • Works well as a neutral lip or eye liner.
  • Tip drags across skin, hindering application.
  • Formula is too waxy for breakout prone skin.
Brand Overview

NYX Cosmetics At-A-Glance

Strengths: NYX provides complete ingredient lists on its website; inexpensive for such quality makeup that rivals department store brands (yes, even M.A.C.); superior blush, gloss, and eyeshadow; several excellent mascaras.

Weaknesses: Many products are available only from the company's website, which means you can't see or test the colors in person (and the company doesn't offer samples); disappointing foundation primers.

This small Los Angeles–based makeup line was founded in 1999 by a woman named Toni Ko. The company's Web site is vague about Ko's background, merely stating that she developed an interest in cosmetics as a teenager (you know, just like about 99.9% of teenage women) and wanted to create her own line of cosmetics. Ko's goal was to produce high-quality products at affordable prices, and that's the draw of NYX (pronounced "nicks") Cosmetics. We are pleased to report that, for the most part, Ko succeeded in her childhood dream.

It is important to note that this line offers a full selection of makeup products, from foundations to lip gloss. However, the only place to access everything NYX Cosmetics has to offer is their Web site. The Ulta chain is the largest distributor of NYX Cosmetics products in the United States, but they carry a smaller selection of NYX products. The good news is that most of the few NYX products Ulta stocks are impressive, especially the powder eyeshadows, which compete evenly with eyeshadows that cost a lot more.

NYX Cosmetics customer service number is (866) 699-1004 or you can visit www.nyxcosmetics.com.

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