Rice Paper
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Last Updated:11.19.2013
Jar Packaging:No
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True to its name, these are rice (starch)–based blotting tissues with a hint of a powdery finish on one side. The directions suggest blotting excess shine with the plain, matte side of the paper, and using the powdered side for touch-ups. We found that these papers will soak up shine no matter which side you use, and while the powdered side is too sheer for a full touch-up, it does add extra oil absorption that bests lots of other blotting papers.

There are three shade varieties offered: Translucent (which truly is colorless), Natural, and Warm Beige. Palladio states that the Natural shade is "for all skin tones," while Warm Beige is "for all darker skin tones." Because these go on extremely sheer and leave a nearly imperceptible amount of powder, you're probably fine with any of the shades. If in doubt, go for the Translucent option. Added bonus: Rice Paper is conveniently packaged for easy, grab-and-go use.

Note:These blotting papers do contain a small amount of fragrance, but at this low concentration and because contact with your skin is brief, it's unlikely to be cause for concern.

  • Powdered side adds a bit of extra oil absorption.
  • Does a great job of mopping up excess oil and shine.
  • Useful packaging for grab-and-go use.
  • None.
Brand Overview


Strengths: Impressive powder and liquid foundation options; Rice Paper; Herbal Lip Gloss; Eyeshadow Primer; Baked Blush; Herbal Tinted Lip Balm; company provides complete ingredient lists on their website.

Weaknesses: Poorly made eyeliners, including Liquid Eyeliner and Eye Ink Felt Tip Liquid Eye Liner; highly fragranced eyeshadow quad; potentially irritating lip stain; poorly formulated skin-care products.

Palladio started as a small, Florida-based brand, and has been slowly carving out its niche at well-known beauty supply stores in North America and abroad through a growing network of resellers. The brand has attracted consumer interest because it's affordable and offers high-quality products.

One of the other draws is their brand tagline: "herbal & vitamin enriched cosmetics." Surprisingly, many Palladio products lack the ingredients to back up their herbal claim, and several of the products that do contain plants and vitamins have packaging that won't keep them stable during use, something that's true for lots of makeups that boast of antioxidant content. Still, this brand does have several products with impressive amounts of antioxidants, including a liquid foundation, eyeshadow primer, and lip gloss in decent packaging that will help keep the ingredients stable.

While the enticing herbal/vitamin claim isn't justified by all their products, many Palladio makeup products are worth checking out, and the prices are great, but stay away from the skin-care products because they are problematic, for several reasons, as you will see in our reviews. The most impressive products are the foundations and the tinted Rice Paper. The only makeup missteps are the liquid eyeliners, whose performance pales in comparison to comparably priced drugstore options.

In the United States, United Kingdom, and Mexico, Palladio is widely available at Sally Beauty. Palladio products also are available abroad through reseller websites, which are listed in the FAQ section of Palladio’s U.S. website.

For more information about Palladio, call 954-922-4311 or visit www.palladiobeauty.com.

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Love this product!

I have used these rice papers for blotting for years and they are better than any other ones I have tried. You can get them a Sally's Beauty Supplies in stores or online. Sometimes Sally's does put them on sale and then I buy a bunch at a time.

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Susan B
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