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Strengths: Provides complete ingredient lists on Web site; most products are fragrance-free; very good AHA products; wide selection of water-soluble cleansers and scrubs; some excellent sunscreens, benzoyl peroxide products, and many antioxidant-rich formulas.

Weaknesses: Expensive; mostly lackluster toners; mostly boring to potentially irritating masks; no BHA products that do not include at least one needless irritant; jar packaging.

Unique in the world of spa and salon specialty lines, Peter Thomas Roth is a large but straightforward line with mostly uncomplicated formulations that, for the most part, are quite good and state-of-the-art. Unlike many product lines, most of the acne, AHA, BHA, sunscreen, and moisturizing products contain what they should to be effective and helpful for skin.

A novel aspect of this line is that there are few (if any) nonsense ingredients. Roth products conspicuously lack the exotic, potentially irritating, sensitizing, and often unnecessary plant extracts and the irritating, fragrant plant oils that show up in most pricey skin-care lines, especially spa lines. Many of these products don't have fragrance, and they lack the long lists of ingredients that are often unnecessarily complicated. Even more impressive are the well-formulated cleansers, sunscreens, AHA products, and skin lighteners. The moisturizers have improved somewhat, and most are now packaged so that the light- and air-sensitive ingredients remain stable. In fact, Roth's packaging deserves special mention because it is exceptionally utilitarian and gender-friendly. No pretty pink bottles, sexy curved jars, or bejeweled caps—all of which reinforce the clinical nature of Peter Thomas Roth. Overall, this line should be admired for its simplicity and, for the most part, for its well-thought-out formulations.

After all that glowing praise there are a few embarrassing missteps to avoid, such as products that contain hydrogen peroxide, which can cause free-radical damage and hurt skin; irritating acne products that contain sulfur; unimpressive masks (odd for a spa-oriented line); and a bumper crop of products claiming to affect expression lines and wrinkles in a manner similar to cosmetic corrective procedures.

For more information about Peter Thomas Roth, call (800) PTR-SKIN or visit

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+ Rating Product Brand Category Price Size
Good Un-Wrinkle, for All Skin Types Peter Thomas Roth Serums  $120.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Good 40% Triple Acid Resurfacing Peel Peter Thomas Roth Exfoliants  $88.00 12.00 vials
Good De-Spot Plus Peter Thomas Roth Lighteners With Hydroquinone  $78.00
Good Anti-Aging Defense Sunscreen Stick Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Peter Thomas Roth SPF 50 and Higher Sunscreen  $26.00 0.50 fl. oz.
Good Retinol Fusion Alternative Anti-Wrinkle Solution Peter Thomas Roth Serums  $85.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Good Max All Night Repair Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $52.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Average FIRMx Peeling Gel Peter Thomas Roth Enzymes  $48.00 3.40 fl. oz.
Average FIRMx Firming Night Moisturizer Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $125.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Average Anti-Aging Buffing Beads Peter Thomas Roth Scrubs  $36.00 8.50 fl. oz.
Average Un-Wrinkle Makeup-Less Chemical-Free SPF 30 (Discontinued) Peter Thomas Roth Tinted Moisturizer w/ Sunscreen  $40.00 1.30 fl. oz.
Average Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, For All Skin Types (Discontinued) Peter Thomas Roth Enzymes  $44.00 3.30 fl. oz.
Average Un-Wrinkle Foundation SPF 20 Peter Thomas Roth Liquid Foundation w/ Sunscreen  $45.00
Average Camu Camu Power C x 30 Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizers/Anti-Aging  $72.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Average Cucumber Gel Masque Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizing/Firming Masks  $45.00 5.30 fl. oz.
Average Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Creme Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $85.00 1.70 fl. oz.
Average Blemish Buffing Beads Peter Thomas Roth Scrubs  $36.00 8.50 fl. oz.
Average Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash Peter Thomas Roth Cleansers/Soaps  $32.00 8.50 fl. oz.
Average Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel Peter Thomas Roth Oil-Absorbing/Mattifying  $35.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Average De-Spot Skin Brightening Corrector Peter Thomas Roth Lighteners Without Hydroquinone  $75.00 1.00 fl. oz.
Average Ultra-Lite Anti-Aging Cellular Repair Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $52.00 1.50 fl. oz.
Average Aloe Tonic Mist Peter Thomas Roth Toners  $32.00 8.50 fl. oz.
Average Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads, for All Skin Types Peter Thomas Roth AHAs  $45.00 60.00 pads
Average Un-Wrinkle Lip Peter Thomas Roth Lip Balm Without Sunscreen  $30.00 0.34 fl. oz.
Average Un-Wrinkle Primer (Discontinued) Peter Thomas Roth Foundation Primer  $38.00 0.80 fl. oz.
Average Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Eye Creme Peter Thomas Roth Eye Moisturizers  $65.00 0.76 fl. oz.
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