Endless Silky Eye Pen

by Pixi  
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Endless Silky Eye Pen promises the effect of a liquid liner with the convenience of a pencil. It succeeds somewhat, but not enough to make this a worthwhile option over similar products.

This is a needs-sharpening pencil, which means you waste product every time you sharpen it! Even worse, Pixi suggests you put this pen in the freezer before sharpening for best results, which adds an unnecessary extra step to your beauty routine. Who wants to keep their eyeliner in the freezer and then have to retrieve it and put it back every day or so?

The pen does glide onto the lids easily, and the color is very rich and vibrant, but it starts to fade after only a couple hours of wear. The lack of staying power, combined with the need to sharpen, makes this an option that's better left on the shelf, not in your makeup bag.

  • Pencil glides onto eyelids easily.
  • Color is rich and vibrant.
  • Pencil needs regular sharpening, which is inconvenient and wastes product.
  • Color starts to fade after only a couple of hours of wear.

Swedish-born makeup artist Petra Strand is the creator of the Pixi line of makeup products. She started it in London, opening her first shop alongside the salon of her aesthetician sister, Sofia. The Pixi line is positioned as being packed with skin-beneficial ingredients that will help women get the "Makeup to Wakeup" essentials that they need to stock their cosmetics bags. That sounds cute and potentially helpful, but in fact the main ingredients in Pixi's makeup don't distinguish it as being more skin care–oriented than any other makeup product on the shelf.

Even if Pixi's products did have a two-in-one benefit it comes at a high cost. Although the line is sold at Target, it's priced as high as, and in some instances higher than, any line sold at a department store. However, these products are not makeup with a pronounced skin-care benefit, so they are not worth the extra money.

Of the new makeup artist lines now available at Target (JK Jemma Kid and NP Set along with Pixi), this one is actually the least impressive, and we predict it will be the first to be pulled from shelves. We recommend you shop this line with extra caution to avoid a pricey purchase that you're likely to regret or that you have to jump through hoops to return.

The good news is that, like fellow Target newcomers JK Jemma Kid and NP Set, the display for Pixi includes testers for every product. What a wonderful surprise! And if you happen to choose an item you're not happy with (hint: perhaps because there are better options for less from other lines) Target has a good return policy on cosmetics (just be sure to save your receipt—my strong opinion is that you'll need it).

For more information about Pixi visit www.pixibeauty.com or www.target.com.

Note: We were unable to locate a customer service phone number for Pixi and our e-mails to the company have gone unanswered. This is not a line to shop if you're expecting customer support beyond what Target offers.

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  1. Anonymous
    Reviewed on Monday, November 04, 2013
    • Value
      3 / 4
    • Results
      4 / 4
    • Recommend
      4 / 4
    One of my favorite liners
    • Pixi liners are some of my favorites. They do glide on and you can smudge them out before they dry down. Once they do, I find they stay on all day. I have oily lids and with a primer, these stay right where they are once applied. They are easy to apply and have a wonderful selection of colors. The price point is higher. However, I've been able to find these on sale or used a Target coupon. I've not had a lot of luck with DS liners, so these seem to fit the bill.

  2. Chi H.
    Reviewed on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
    • Results
      2 / 4
    • Value
      2 / 4
    • Recommend
      2 / 4
    glides but smudges
    • I liked it at first, but then i noticed that it smudged. If you want a liquid eyeliner, get a liquid eye liner and save yourself the smudging.

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