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Strengths: Inexpensive; testers are available for every product; two superb foundations, including one with reliable sunscreen; notable eyeshadows, powder blush, and cream blush; wonderful lipsticks and lip liner; the best makeup brushes available at Canadian drugstores.

Weaknesses: Underachieving concealers and powders; terrible liquid eyeliner; the Faux Glow shimmer powder.

This relatively small but comprehensive makeup line is sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, and is one of their star performers among a backdrop of other name-brand drugstore product lines. The impetus behind this simple but elegantly packaged line was the need to bring makeup artist–quality cosmetics into a mainstream drugstore. As heroic a claim as that may be, the truth is that there have always been superior makeup formulations at the drugstorein fact, some of those products have set the standards that the rest of the industry tries to keep up with.

Despite their unconvincing excuse for launching yet another cosmetics line, many of Quo's products have velvety, smooth textures, even application, and a pleasing mix of classic and contemporary shades, including neutral-toned foundations. As was the case when we reviewed this line a few years ago, the standout products are the powder eyeshadows and the makeup brushes; however, the lipsticks and lip liners are also worth your attention. A significant improvement from my last visit is that now the Quo displays feature testers for every product, and the staff at Shoppers Drug Mart encourages you to use them! We wish more drugstore cosmetic lines would incorporate this feature, but for now, this is another area where Quo really stands out, and it deserves serious consideration by Canadian residents and visitors alike.

Of course, not everything Quo offers is remarkable and, if anything, their expanded roster of products seems more gimmicky than innovative, although some of the newer items are outstanding and, given the new testers, now you can try before you buy. The concealer category is the weakest, followed by the powders, which, with one exception, aren't keeping pace with advances in this area, especially compared with the preferred options from L'Oreal and Revlon (often sold right next to Quo). 

For more information about Quo Cosmetics, visit www.shoppersdrugmart.ca.

Note: All prices for Quo Cosmetics products are in Canadian dollars.

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+ Rating Product Brand Category Price Size
Best Total Perfection Face Primer Quo Cosmetics Foundation Primer  $23.00 33.00 grams
Best Quo Brushes Quo Cosmetics Brushes/Applicators/Curlers  $13.00
Best Lip Liner Quo Cosmetics Lipliner  $13.00
Best Wet and Dry Foundation Quo Cosmetics Powder Foundation  $20.00
Best Lash Extra-Vaganza Quo Cosmetics Regular Mascara  $14.00
Best Lipstick Quo Cosmetics Cream Lipstick  $14.00
Best Eyeshadow Quads Quo Cosmetics Powder Eyeshadow  $16.00
Good Flipstick Quo Cosmetics Cream Lipstick  $19.00
Good Mosaic Shimmer Bronzer Quo Cosmetics Face Shine  $17.00
Good Satin Face Pressed Powder Quo Cosmetics Pressed Powder  $20.00
Good Blush Quo Cosmetics Powder Blush  $17.00
Good Exfoliating Cleansing Pads Quo Cosmetics Cleansers/Soaps  $10.00 24.00 pads
Good Lip Gloss Quo Cosmetics Lip Gloss  $12.00
Good Stay Put Lipstick Quo Cosmetics Long-Wearing Lipstick  $14.00
Good Gentle Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Quo Cosmetics Eye Makeup Removers  $10.00 125.00 ml
Good Skincredible Foundation Quo Cosmetics Liquid Foundation  $21.00
Good Pump Up the Volume Mascara Quo Cosmetics Regular Mascara  $14.00
Good Diamond Liner Quo Cosmetics Liquid/Gel/Cream/Cake  $16.00
Good Lip Gloss Stick Quo Cosmetics Lip Gloss  $14.00
Good Total Perfection Mineral Powder Quo Cosmetics Mineral Powder  $22.00
Good Makeup Remover Pads Quo Cosmetics Eye Makeup Removers  $10.00 30.00 pads
Good Eye Primer Quo Cosmetics Eyeshadow Primers  $13.00
Good Eye Shadow Trio Quo Cosmetics Powder Eyeshadow  $17.00
Average Re-Texture Cream Face Primer Quo Cosmetics Foundation Primer  $26.00 0.34 grams
Average Mosaic Bronzer Quo Cosmetics Powder Bronzer  $19.00
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