Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner
Last Updated:12.05.2014
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This is an automatic, retractable lip pencil that is creamy without veering into greasiness. It stays on quite well, and the colors are rich with pigment. It doesn’t apply as smoothly as others (you have to apply a fair amount of pressure to get the color to show up), but for the money, this is a safe bet.

Brand Overview

Rimmel At-A-Glance

Strengths: Inexpensively priced; a great pressed bronzing powder; several impressive mascaras; a collection of praiseworthy of lip color products including gloss and lipstick; a couple of good foundations.

Weaknesses: Not the most user-friendly packaging; lackluster skincare-esque products; some gimmicky makeup items that turn out to be duds.

Rimmel is a London-based company, under the ownership of Coty Inc. since 1996 (Coty also owns other cosmetic lines such as philosophy and Sally Hansen). A self-proclaimed “edgy” cosmetics line that’s all about experimentation and “setting trends, not following them”, Rimmel livens things up with a mix of trendy and classic shade options and new product launches at a rapid pace.

While not all of Rimmel’s products are an absolute hit, there are some individual standout items (see top-rated reviews) that can compete with the best of what’s out there—at rock bottom prices no less. A few of their lip color products deserve special mention for their elegant texture and fashion-forward colors.

Where Rimmel falls into hit-or-miss territory is with its excessive collection of mascaras (it seems as though they launch a new one every month) which makes it confusing to try to figure out which one is the best. Some are impressive and absolutely worth buying, while others are gimmicky duds. Lucky for you, we’ve put them rigorous testing so you can make an informed decision! Oh, what our lashes go through so you avoid frustration and wasting money!

Rimmel also dabbles in a smidgen of skincare-esque products that claim to go above and beyond the norm. For various reasons mentioned within the individual reviews, these products tend to fall short of being worthwhile purchases, even at their bargain-friendly price point. Overall, while Rimmel has some misses, they earn our praise for several good to excellent makeup items at nearly unbeatable prices. Sort by three-star and four-star rating under this brand to find the best of what Rimmel has to offer!

Note: Many Rimmel products featured on their Web site are not available in the United States; they are exclusive to United Kingdom drugstores. The products reviewed below are those that are consistently found at U.S. stores nationwide, specifically Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart.

For more information about Rimmel, visit www.rimmellondon.com.

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rimmel lip liner not impressive

I really have nothing good to say about this product. It goes on with difficulty, and the liner breaks easily when applying. There are much better liners out there, & I'd encourage you to buy one of those (I had better luck with Revlon).

Reviewed by
Daily staple

I use Enchantment everyday as an all over matte lip color and Red Diva for special occasions. It stays put most of the day, even through fork meals if I'm careful, but of course doesn't stand a chance against a burger or the like. It is also slightly moisturizing and doesn't dry out my sensitive lips or make my flaking worse. I know everyone loves Eastend Snob, but for my slightly olive skin tone it is much too light, so I'd only recommend it for the fair skinned.

Reviewed by
Nichole S
Some colors are bombproof, others break

The first one of these I got five years ago and I'm still using. Terrific color! Eastend Snob. It's the perfect nude lip liner. It goes on without tugging the lip and makes lipstick last longer. I got a second red one but that one has been consistly breaking off. I think it's a tad drier so I need to press more and it breaks. At this rate it will be gone in a month.

Reviewed by
Jenny A
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