Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

by Rimmel  
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Rimmel packaged this gel-cream eyeliner to include a built-in, short-handle brush, making it a viable option for application on-the-go. While the brush does work in a pinch, you're better off using a regular-size brush for more control (try Paula's Choice Precision Liner Brush).

In terms of performance, the gel-cream texture glides on effortlessly and imparts rich, bold, flake-free color. Be sure to allow ample time for the liner to set, though, and even then, it can smudge.

We wouldn't classify this as waterproof, but you will need a good makeup remover to get it off. Shades include hues of black, blue, plum, and brown, although some stores offer only black.

  • Gel-cream texture glides on effortlessly.
  • Doesn't flake.
  • Imparts rich, smooth color.
  • Attractive shades.
  • The included brush is OK, but a regular-size brush works better.
  • Isn't quite waterproof, but does require makeup remover.

Rimmel is a London-based company that has been under the ownership of Coty since 1996. Coty's namesake presence in drugstores has vanished, but their history lives on via this acquisition. Once exclusive to Wal-Mart, the line has branched out and is now available in other drug and mass-market stores. Given the low to very low price points and several good products, this expansion is good news for cosmetics consumers! What's worth paying attention to when you come across this line are the mascaras, automatic pencils, and bronzing powder. The foundations and concealers are worth a look as well, but without testers, it's always a guessing game as to which color is best for you, and there are no options for darker skin tones. The needs-sharpening pencils are basic but worth a look, though a few of them smear terribly. There are dozens of nail polishes to consider, not to mention a pleasing lipstick and lip gloss selection. Actually, the Lasting Finish Lipstick deserves special mention for its elegant texture and fashion-forward colors, all for under six dollars.

My only significant complaint about Rimmel is the packaging. The tops to the blushes and eyeshadows are awkward and tricky to remove, though this is a minor technicality that's easy enough to live with, especially at these prices!

For more information about Rimmel, visit

Note: Many Rimmel products featured on their Web site are not available in the United States; they are exclusive to United Kingdom drugstores. The products reviewed below are those that are consistently found at U.S. stores nationwide, specifically Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart.

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  1. Deborah
    Reviewed on Tuesday, March 25, 2014
    • Recommend
      4 / 4
    • Results
      3 / 4
    • Value
      4 / 4
    brush is fine
    • I just want to say that I NEVER use a longer brush, especially if your looking for control. I just bought a min Bobbi Brown Ultra fine liner. Its 3 Inches long....I get the best control. As for the gel, no smearing for me , I love the plum color.

  2. Lauran M.
    Reviewed on Saturday, December 21, 2013
    • Results
      4 / 4
    • Value
      4 / 4
    • Recommend
      4 / 4
    Travels well
    • This eyeliner is packaged to travel well, goes on easily with good control, and I haven't had smudging issues like some other similar products. I would recommend it.

  3. JackyR
    Reviewed on Saturday, August 03, 2013
    • Results
      1 / 4
    • Value
      2 / 4
    • Recommend
      1 / 4
    Do not buy
    • I bought this eye liner it says its water proof and lasts up to 24 hours it doesn't even last 2 hours before smearing. Do not recommend.

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