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Strengths:  Some excellent cleansers; many fragrance-free options; lip balm with sunscreen; packaging that helps keep light- and air-sensitive ingredients stable during use; sunscreens with the UVA-protecting ingredient Tinosorb.

Weaknesses: Anti-acne products are irritating and not the least bit helpful for blemish-prone skin; ordinary toners; mostly mediocre moisturizers; no skin-lightening products; pricey for a drugstore line.

Note: All prices listed are in Canadian currency. These products are available only in Canada, while other RoC products are available in both U.S. and Canadian markets. Be sure to check the other RoC product reviews (listed simply as "RoC") if unable to find a specific product.  For more information about RoC Canada, call (877) 223-9807 or visit

Note: in almost every case, the product names (and sometimes the formulas) for RoC Canada differ from the RoC products sold in the United States.

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+ Rating Product Brand Category Price Size
Poor Purif-AC Fast Action Gel RoC Canada BHA  $16.00 200.00 ml
Poor Purif-AC Blemish Correcting Emulsion RoC Canada BHA  $20.00 40.00 ml
Good Demaquillage Actif Foaming Facial Wash RoC Canada Cleansers/Soaps  $16.00 150.00 ml
Good Hydra + 3 in 1 Cleansing, Moisturizing, Tonifying Care RoC Canada
- Hydra+
Cleansers/Soaps  $17.00 6.70 fl. oz.
Poor Purif-AC Purifying Cleanser RoC Canada Cleansers/Soaps  $17.00 150.00 ml
Best Demaquillage Actif Cleansing Lotion, for Normal or Combination Skin RoC Canada Cleansers/Soaps  $16.00 200.00 ml
Good Enydrial Repairing Lip Care RoC Canada Lip Balm Without Sunscreen  $7.00 4.80 grams
Average Hydra+ Destressant Daily Moisturising Care, Day RoC Canada
- Hydra+
Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $30.00 40.00 ml
Average Complete Lift Day Lifting Daily Moisturiser RoC Canada Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $40.00 50.00 ml
Average Complete Lift Night Overnight Regenerating Cream RoC Canada Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $40.00 50.00 ml
Poor Purif-AC Exfoliating Lotion RoC Canada Toners  $16.00 200.00 ml
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