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There isn’t anything natural about the finish this has on skin. The cream-to-powder texture applies smoothly and quickly sets to a powdery dry finish that leaves skin laced with sparkles. This isn’t a subtle way to highlight skin, but is an OK option for evening glamour. The particles of shine have minimal ability to cling to skin, and the colors go on much softer than they look in the compact.

We're guessing that lots of my readers watch What Not to Wear, The Learning Channel's cable TV show for the fashion-challenged. That's the only conclusion we've come up with to explain why there is such intense interest about Sally Hansen's new product line: Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy. Sally Hansen is best known for nail care, a small step into skin care that never seemed to take off, and now for makeup.

Those unfamiliar with What Not to Wear are likely wondering who Carmindy is and whether or not her inspiration added anything new and different to this new group of makeup products from Sally Hansen. 

Carmindy is a talented makeup artist who is prominently featured on the aforementioned TV show. She does the makeup consultations and applications for the women who are selected to have their fashion lives go from clueless to stylish. At some point, Sally Hansen and Carmindy joined forces to launch this small line of makeup products, which you'll find in some drugstores and at the beauty store Ulta. Does Carmindy's celeb status really warrant the addition of another makeup artist's line of products? Not really. There are a few compelling options, but nothing that adds up to a great collection of products. Rather, this is mostly ho hum.

As the story goes, Carmindy had a lot of input into each of the products that bear the "Inspired by Carmindy" name. We have to wonder if that's really true, though, because why would she put her name on the far too many average to inferior products this line offers? There are a few notable products if you choose to shop Sally Hansen Natural Beauty, but as an in-demand makeup artist with access to the best products and as one who should know the difference (at least that's what you would think), we’re surprised this line wasn't better and also surprised that there are limited options for women of color.

So what did Carmindy get right? She has a good eye for color and what women feel comfortable wearing, as evidenced by the eyeshadow palettes and shade selection for her lipsticks, lip gloss, and blush. Her foundation is also excellent, though as a makeup artist she should've offered more than one foundation. We can't imagine Carmindy using only one foundation in her professional work, so why shortchange consumers? Actually, it's not really shortchanging them when you consider the wealth of excellent foundations available. It's just that viewed on its own merits, Carmindy's makeup collection could’ve been fleshed out a bit more.

One more comment about Carmindy that we think explains her appeal to so many women: She's a cheerleader for using makeup to enhance one's best features along with women's self-esteem, which is important. In fact, it's surprising how many other makeup artist lines tend to gloss over these points in favor of being trendy. Instead of using makeup to enhance a woman's sense of worth, they try to convince women that everyone looks gorgeous wearing canary yellow with orange or vivid green eyeshadow with glitter or that older women should want to emulate the makeup style of teenagers.

Carmindy's pep talk is present on almost every page of her book Get Positively Beautiful. The book isn't much beyond positive mantras and pretty pictures—her makeup skill is wonderful to see—but that in itself is a worthwhile message when it comes to image and fashion. We personally don't mind hearing it again and again.

Those interested in her products deserve to know that with help from Sally Hansen, the "Inspired by Carmindy" products may just inspire some women to view themselves in a whole new beautiful way. Of course, there are products from most major brands that can do that, too, but Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy gets some things right, including fair prices.

For more information about Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy, call (800) 953-5080 or visit

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