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Strengths: Several products contain proven anti-aging ingredients and are fragrance-free; reasonable prices; most of the capsules are worth a look; excellent blush and mascara.

Weaknesses: Many of the anti-aging claims are over-the-top, stretching the boundaries of what skin care can really do; jar packaging which doesn’t keep the good ingredients in the products stable; the Meltdown cleansers tend to be highly fragrant; products for various areas (face, eyes, neck, and chest) tend to have remarkably similar formulas; poor foundation formulations with limited shade ranges; poor concealer and eye pencil.

Signature Club A is a line of skin care and makeup sold exclusively on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). The woman behind this brand, Adrien Arpel, has been involved in the world of cosmetics for over 40 years. Back in the 1970s she owned a namesake skin-care and makeup company sold in department stores.

Adrien Arpel sold her namesake line to a large corporation, but several years later, she had a falling-out with them. As a result of this falling out, she was prevented from attaching her name to another brand, so she began to market herself and her new products under the name "Adrienne." These products are now being sold under the brand Signature Club A.

As was true when Paula first reviewed Adrien Arpel's brand in the 1980s, there are more disappointments then strengths. This is not a line to turn to for anti-aging formulas despite the myriad options available, especially considering Signature Club A offers only one sunscreen. Dozens of anti-aging products and only one sunscreen should be illegal, but sadly it isn't, even though your skin will suffer as a result! Abundant research makes it incontrovertibly clear that you can't fight wrinkles, brown spots, and sagging skin without daily (and we do mean daily) use of a sunscreen designed for your skin type. And it should be loaded with antioxidants for even greater benefits.

Beyond skin care, the key to looking younger longer is to consider the corrective cosmetic procedures (Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments) you feel comfortable having done. Indeed, the combination of a brilliant skin-care routine with the right cosmetic procedures can make a strikingly positive difference.

Whether you're intrigued by Signature Club A's skin care or makeup, there are only a handful of products to consider. This line is known for its large makeup kits. Although these may seem like a great deal, they aren't because most contain so-so products that aren't nearly as good as what many brands at the drugstore offer. They definitely don't have anything over the e.l.f. brand, which costs far less. Note that Adrienne's on-air presentations often spotlight makeup kits. These may seem like a  great value, but they're not if the products are mediocre (most of them are) which means you'll be less likely to use them often, if at all.

Bottom line: You're not missing out on some anti-aging miracle or secret formula if you skip this line altogether. The curious should shop carefully, and follow our recommendations on what to avoid so you can be sure you're getting the best of what Signature Club A has to offer.

For more information about Signature Club A, call 1.800.284.3900 or visit

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+ Rating Product Brand Category Price Size
Poor 24K Gold Wrinkle Filling Capsules Signature Club A Specialty Skin Care Products  $44.95 0.70 fl. oz.
Average 5 Essentials Crème + 1 for Face & Eyes with QuSomes Signature Club A Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $29.50 4.50 fl. oz.
Poor Anchorwoman Blue Undereye Cover Signature Club A Cream Concealer  $15.50
Average Coconut with Caviar Meltdown Cleansing Crème Signature Club A Face/Body Cleansers  $24.95
Poor Colloidal Gold Radiance Meltdown Cleansing Crème Signature Club A Cleansers/Soaps  $20.00 4.50 fl. oz.
Poor Colloidal Gold Radiance Moisture Boosting Day Crème Signature Club A Moisturizers Without Sunscreen  $28.50 4.50 fl. oz.
Good Color and Contour Ultra Creamy Powder Eyeshadows Signature Club A Cream/Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadow  $18.00
Poor Easy-to-Use Eyeliner Pencil Signature Club A Eye Pencil  $14.00
Best Fat Lashes Clinging Silk Tri-Color Mascara Signature Club A Regular Mascara  $16.50
Good Gold Radiance Cleanser Signature Club A Cleansers/Soaps  $19.50 6.50 fl. oz.
Average High Potency Lemon Zest Meltdown Cleansing Crème for Face & Eyes Signature Club A Cleansers/Soaps  $20.00 4.50 fl. oz.
Good Hyaluronic 1000 Wrinkle Filling Powder Signature Club A Specialty Makeup Products  $28.50
Poor Imperial C & Royal Jelly Super Stick Cover-Up Foundation Signature Club A Stick Foundation  $16.50
Average Industrial Strength Line Be Gone Line Minimizer Eye Ointment Signature Club A Moisturizers/Anti-Aging  $22.50
Average Microsphere with Caviar Night Firming Crème Signature Club A Moisturizers Without Sunscreen  $29.50 2.00 fl. oz.
Average Nefertiti Golden Patina for Skin with Vitamin E Signature Club A Powder Bronzer  $28.50
Average Over 40 Imperial C Body Nourishment Cream Signature Club A Face/Eye Moisturizer  $26.50 9.00 fl. oz.
Average Platinum ElectroCharged Lower Face & Neck Scaffold Repair Night Crème Signature Club A Moisturizer without Sunscreen  $35.00
Average Platinum ElectroCharged Skin Support Capsules Signature Club A Specialty Skin Care Products  $45.00
Average Platinum ElectroCharged Upper Eyelid Fix Signature Club A Specialty Skin Care Products  $42.00
Poor Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Ayurveda Night Cream Skin Balancing Capsules Signature Club A Specialty Skin Care Products  $40.00 0.80 fl. oz.
Poor Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Cleansing & Makeup Remover Pads Signature Club A Eye Makeup Removers  $20.00 60.00 pads
Average Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Concentrate for Eyes Signature Club A Eye Moisturizers  $18.50 0.22 fl. oz.
Good Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Eye Serum Signature Club A Serums  $28.50 1.00 fl. oz.
Average Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Meltdown Cleansing Crème Signature Club A Cleansing Cloths  $20.00 4.50 fl. oz.
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