Cream Eye Liner
Last Updated:02.08.2013
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Cream Eye Liner is an interesting notion that sounds better than it ends up being. In the “pro” column, these do go on very smoothly and intensely. The “cons” include their tendency to fade, smear, and run with the slightest blink or smile, which makes them not worth the effort, especially at this price. For a superior version of this product, consider the silicone-enhanced Gel Eyeliners available from Bobbi Brown, Stila, M.A.C., or L'Oreal.

Brand Overview

Smashbox At-A-Glance

Strengths: A unique Anti-Shine product that is a must-try if you have very oily skin; mostly excellent foundations with a neutral range of shades; improved powder eyeshadows and lip color products; well-constructed makeup brushes.

Weaknesses: A few products that are better in concept than execution.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about Smashbox is that its name refers to the early, accordion-style cameras and that Smashbox is first and foremost a Hollywood-based photography studio. The company's creators, Dean and Davis Factor, have their heritage in makeup—their great-grandfather was the legendary makeup artist Max Factor. The makeup, which debuted in 1996, began as a collection of trendy and fashion-forward colors coupled with a pleasingly neutral palette of foundations, concealers, and powders. Nowadays, there are exceptional options to choose from, but also some color products that fall short due to too sheer formulas or other issues noted in their respective reviews.

Where Smashbox has lived up to their Hollywood makeup pedigree is with a few standout formulas, including impressive lip products as well as excellent foundations, BB and CC cream options. Of course, the brand is also well-known for their range of makeup primers—whether that’s a necessary step is up for debate—but nevertheless they do offer a few products in this category that are worth considering.

For more information about Smashbox, now owned by Estee Lauder, call (888) 763-1361 or visit www.smashbox.com.

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Quality depends on color

I have 2 of these. The first one I purchased was the dark brown matte shade. I was VERY impressed with the longevity and color intensity. I then purchased Vamp, a shimmery emerald shade, and was sorely disappointed. Even with the primer I use daily, Vamp smudged within a short period of time. The color was also WAY too sheer. It may simply be that the matte shades are much better for this product, and the shimmery shades go on too sheer and don't stay put.

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Amanda C.
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