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Tom Ford's first entry into the world of color cosmetics was this lipstick, and it remains one of the brand's standout options.

Housed in a luxurious-looking black and gold tube, this lipstick has a creamy formula that glides onto lips smoothly, packing a potent dose of color (you don't need much to get a lot of color).

Lip Color has a pretty, soft shine finish and feels moisturizing the entire time you're wearing it. It wears well for about 4 or 5 hours (above average for a creamy lipstick formula), and fades to an attractive stain. The variety of nearly 20 shades offers everything from true nudes to bold reds, so there's something for almost everyone.

Did we mention this is also fragrance-free? It's not often you see a high-fashion cosmetics line produce a fragrance-free lip product, but we're glad to see that, as it reduces the risk of irritation.

You certainly don't have to spend this much for a quality cream lipstick (there are many great options available both at drugstores and at department stores), but if you feel like a splurge, this deserves a look, and it isn't likely to leave you disappointed.

  • Creamy formula feels moisturizing throughout its wear time.
  • Not a lot of product needed for full coverage.
  • Attractive, soft-shine finish.
  • Fragrance-free—a rarity in designer-themed lipsticks.
  • None.

Summary: The dashing, debonair Tom Ford is one of the world's hottest fashion designers, famous and sought-after for his controversial photo shoots (featuring models showing more skin than clothes) and his classic, yet edgy, fashion designs. Ford came to prominence in the mid-1990s, when he became Creative Director at Gucci's fashion house. He is credited with bringing glamour back to fashion at a time when grunge and heroin chic looks were en vogue, and he helped take the then-failing Gucci from the brink of bankruptcy to a multi-billion-dollar brand.

A few years after Ford joined Gucci, brand was acquired by rival fashion house Yves Saint-Laurent. Ford became Creative Director there as well. Finally, in 2006, Ford launched his own fashion line of menswear, eyewear, fragrances, and accessories. Five years later, he followed in the footsteps of fellow high-fashion houses Armani and Chanel by launching his own line of color cosmetics.

Housed in sleek black packaging with "Tom Ford" stamped in prominent gold-embossed lettering, the makeup certainly looks luxurious, and the pricing is definitely in the haute couture range - the foundations cost $78! However, like many other fashion designer makeup lines, what's inside Tom Ford's range of products is largely unexceptional, especially given the expense.

Tom Ford's makeup and fragrance lines are owned by cosmetics giant Estee Lauder, so you won't be surprised when we tell you that much of what you see in the Tom Ford line isn't all that different from what other Lauder brands, such as MAC, Clinique, and Lauder's namesake line sell. What that means is you don't need to ante up for Tom Ford makeup, because most of what this line does well is available for less money from other Lauder-owned lines.

High prices aside, though, there are some winners among Tom Ford's small but well-edited makeup line. The lipstick, brow pencil, lip lacquer, and eyeshadow palettes are all high-quality and perform well. We're also pleased to say that most of the makeup products either have no or minimal fragrance, which is always a bonus - especially when you consider that this line got its start in the cosmetics field with perfumes and colognes.

Unfortunately, the foundations feature such ingredients as fragrance and lavender, which are both a problem for skin, and some of the other products, like the needs-sharpening eye pencil, are so common and ordinary that it makes the asking price a joke! Overall, Tom Ford has a handful of excellent makeup products to check out - and the counter personnel we dealt with were first-rate makeup artists – but be aware that you're not getting anything that justifies any of those products' high price tags. If anything, Tom Ford's makeup confirms what we've been saying about cosmetics for years: There are good and bad products in all price ranges, and expensive doesn't necessarily mean better!

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  1. ANETA D.
    Reviewed on Tuesday, December 30, 2014
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      3 / 4
    • Value
      1 / 4
    Don't bother...
    • I was tempted again by packaging and high price to try this lipstick. I thought for the price I would get something outstanding. I am not on any strict budged and do not mind paying high prices for outstanding products, but this lipstick is an average, fragranced creamy lipstick with decent colors, but that's it. It is not very moisturizing, so not good if you have dry lips. Overall I would consider this a major rip off.

  2. Anonymous
    Reviewed on Friday, March 07, 2014
    • Value
      2 / 4
    • Results
      3 / 4
    • Recommend
      2 / 4
    Sweet Vanilla Scent
    • This is a great creamy lipstick, but it is not fragrance free. It has a pronounced vanilla scent. If this bothers you, purchase something else as this is an expensive lipstick!

  3. Anonymous
    Reviewed on Wednesday, March 05, 2014
    • Results
      2 / 4
    • Recommend
      3 / 4
    • Value
      2 / 4
    Sweet Vanilla Scent
    • This is an addendum to my recent comment. This product does have a strong "sweet vanilla" smell. Please revise your comments. People will buy this lipstick based on your review and will be surprised to find it is not fragrance free! It is too expensive to make this kind of error!

  4. Anonymous
    Reviewed on Thursday, February 13, 2014
    • Value
      2 / 4
    • Recommend
      3 / 4
    • Results
      2 / 4
    Beautiful colours and packaging... But drying
    • I have this lipstick in three colours, the selection is beautiful. I have two nudes and one red. The two nudes somehow suck the life out of my lips, 5 seconds after applying it my lips feels like sandpaper even if I have lip balm under it. And they highlight every single dry spots on your lips. The red is better and feels okay, not perfect. I normally don't have this problem with other lipsticks.

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