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Wonderbar At-A-Glance

Strengths: None.

Weaknesses: Expensive for what amounts to a basic bar cleanser with some exotic ingredients, none of which are proven to benefit your skin; the healing crisis the company says to expect from using Wonderbar is nothing more than dryness and irritation typical of bar cleansers.

The Wonderbar is a bar cleanser that hails from Malaysia and contains some natural ingredients (specially, a type of mud) sourced throughout Europe. Not all that exciting, but wait until you read the claims for this cleanser! It's supposed to "unleash the magic on your skin", which could mean just about anything but it sure sounds good. Lots of women have been emailing the Cosmetics Cop Team about this pricey bar cleanser. You can refer to the product review for details, but the bottom line is this: the claims are nonsense, there is no substantiated proof that the "magical" ingredients do anything helpful for your skin, and the healing crisis the company states everyone using the Wonderbar goes through (to one degree or another) is nothing more than your skin reacting to this product's drying, irritating ingredients. Skin does not have to hurt to get better! The only wonder to the Wonderbar is how the company can convince lots of people to pay dearly for a product that will not improve their skin--and in all likelihood will make matters worse.

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