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Have something you don't like about your skin? Chances are, it's on the list of what The Wonderbar claims to correct. Acne, dry skin, sagging, dull skin, large pores, melasma, rosacea, and on and on are all supposed to be taken care of from one small bar of soap (OK, technically, it's not a soap, it's a bar cleanser). What you need to know right away is that the far-reaching, wildly varied claims for The Wonderbar are completely bogus. The bulk of the ingredients in this bar cleanser are standard, ranging from the detergent cleansing agent disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate to wheat starch, talc, and paraffin (wax). When the claims are measured against the ingredient list and what published research states they can and cannot do, The Wonderbar becomes an embarrassing waste of time and money.

You may be wondering if The Wonderbar contains any wonderful ingredients that distinguish it from other bar cleansers and soaps. It does, in fact, contain a couple of unique ingredients. The Wonderbar contains Heilmoor clay, which the company maintains is a rich source of 700 herbs and plants. Heilmoor clay is found in Austria and contains high amounts of humic acid. Humic acid is a major constituent of soil (dirt) from dead, organic matter (a fact The Wonderbar leaves out of its marketing information). Whether or not it contains 700 herbs and plants is something only a soil chemist could determine, but supposing The Wonderbar did contain that many plants, why would that be good for skin? Plants aren't a cure-all and lots of them cause further problems for skin. With The Wonderbar, you don't know which plants you're putting on your skin. It's whatever happens to be part of the Heilmoor clay, which can vary from batch to batch or from location to location. Without question, the claim is dubious but that's actually a good thing for your skin! And there is not a shred of research proving that this type of clay pulls toxins out of your skin. No one at Wonderbar USA could explain whay these toxins are, never mind the fact that toxins are not responsible for skin maladies such as rosacea, oily skin, or wrinkles.

The other unique ingredient in The Wonderbar is Chlorey'nahre (CLO). Wondeux, the company behind The Wonderbar, lists this as a proprietary ingredient, and there's no information about its benefits or risks for your skin. It isn't even listed in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictoinary, and the only information about CLO comes from the folks behind The Wonderbar. According to the company, CLO is derived from algae and they utilize nanotechnology to make sure it absorbs into your skin (regardless of whether doing so is a good thing or not...we just don't know). We do know that most types of algae are good sources of antioxidants and vitamins, but algae, regardless of where it is sourced, isn't a skin care miracle. Skin is far more complex than that!

If you've read about The Wonderbar, you may know that one of its side effects is something called a healing crisis. Essentially, this means that your skin will get worse before it gets better. What can you expect from this crisis while using The Wonderbar? According to the company, "What happens is excessive amounts of toxins are being discharged directly through the skin organs causing the surface of the skin to have reactions such as excessive dryness, boils, pimples, rashes, itchiness, mild peeling, flakiness, redness, discomfort, uneven skin, dark marks, breakouts…etc." Now doesn't that sound like fun? All kidding aside, this crisis may last from weeks to months as you continue to use The Wonderbar. The company's statement of "No pain, no gain" is NOT how you want to think about skin care, and all of the side effects related to the healing crisis are not from toxins being purged. Rather, they are your skin's irritant response to this drying, pore-clogging, skin-dulling cleanser. I could go on with the claims related to the healing crisis from using The Wonderbar, but the bottom line is it's the company's way of disguising the fact that The Wonderbar isn't so wonderful for your skin.

Note: the size of this product is listed in grams. 25 grams is equal to 0.88 ounce, so you're getting less than an ounce of bar cleanser for your money. Ouch!


Brings baby skin back; Brings balance to skin so oily skin becomes less oily and dry skin less dry; Firms, lifts & puts a glow on your face in as little as three minutes; Minimizes the redness associated with rosacea; Continues working throughout the day; Tightens and minimizes facial pores; Removes free radicals & toxins from your face, and replenishes it with the right nutrients; Fights Eczema, Acne & Psoriasis; Gives your face a natural, healthy radiance; Lightens pigmentation and freckles; Cleanses, Tones, Exfoliates and Moisturizes skin after every wash (due to Chlorey’nahre).


Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Starch, 1-Octadecanol, Paraffin, C17789, Talcum, Heilmoor Clay, Water, Glycerin, Chlorey’nahre (CLO), Polyglucuronic Acid, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Chamonilla Matricaria (Chamomile) Extract.

Brand Overview

Wonderbar At-A-Glance

Strengths: None.

Weaknesses: Expensive for what amounts to a basic bar cleanser with some exotic ingredients, none of which are proven to benefit your skin; the healing crisis the company says to expect from using Wonderbar is nothing more than dryness and irritation typical of bar cleansers.

The Wonderbar is a bar cleanser that hails from Malaysia and contains some natural ingredients (specially, a type of mud) sourced throughout Europe. Not all that exciting, but wait until you read the claims for this cleanser! It's supposed to "unleash the magic on your skin", which could mean just about anything but it sure sounds good. Lots of women have been emailing the Cosmetics Cop Team about this pricey bar cleanser. You can refer to the product review for details, but the bottom line is this: the claims are nonsense, there is no substantiated proof that the "magical" ingredients do anything helpful for your skin, and the healing crisis the company states everyone using the Wonderbar goes through (to one degree or another) is nothing more than your skin reacting to this product's drying, irritating ingredients. Skin does not have to hurt to get better! The only wonder to the Wonderbar is how the company can convince lots of people to pay dearly for a product that will not improve their skin--and in all likelihood will make matters worse.

For more information about Wonderbar, call (877) 825-6398 or visit www.wonderbarusa.com.

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